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Friday, June 3, 2011


Good Friday Morning to everyone!  GREAT NEWS!  Anna has been located safe and sound!  This is such a relief to Kevin and his family.  They are preparing a trip out to Joplin to be with the family and help to begin the rebuilding process, not only from the physical losses but starting to heal the emotional damage as well!  I just wanted to pass along this wonderful information to you all, as you all have been so supportive of the family!  The Red Cross Donation Drive/Sale at Floppy Latte's Digital Designs is still going on and the FLDBLOGGER ($5.00 off a $10.00 or more purchase) is still active!  Even though all are safe and sound, there is so much work to be done in that area.  You, the customers at Floppy Latte's Digital Designs have raised almost $200.00 to go to the Red Cross.  I want to personally thank each and every one of you that have purchased or donated during this drive.   The drive is going on until June 29th, when a full accounting of all donations and purchases will be provided to those who have participated in this fundraiser!  But we are not done yet.  Every dollar you spend on my images until June 29th will be going to help rebuild and repair the lives of Kevin's family and all of those that were impacted in the devastating storms.  You all are all angels in my eyes!  From the Bottom of My Heart, I wish to thank you all for your past and future purchases and donations. 

Again, I wanted to thank you all for your wonderful participation!  It's not over yet so if you find an image that you adore at my store, go ahead, get it, and your total purchase price gets donated to the Red Cross and Kevin Pond.  And if you feel uncomfortable purchasing or donating here, please click on any Red Cross link and donate directly to the Red Cross.  You never know, the next time it could be any one of us and I like to think that there would be others out there that would do the same thing as you all are doing!

Again, Thank You All!  See you on Manic Monday!
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1 comment:

  1. Hiya Jess,

    Oh My Godness,Yiiiippppeeeee I am so overjoyed that little Anna has been found!

    Amazing news, our thoughts are with all that have been devestated by the storms and we are hoping that their lives can be rebuilt and that they can find peace & joy in their lives again soon!

    It will take time but with the love and support of the community they will hopfully feel comfort after such devestation!

    Sending big hugs
    & Love
    to you all



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