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Monday, December 5, 2011

MANIC MONDAY, and a NEW Feature!


This is the best part of my day!  I get to share with you all this Monday's Great Freebie!

I created this piece of word art for a shadow box picture frame set that I am working on for a Christmas Gift.  It would be perfect for wall art, card fronts....and I can think of so many more things!  All you have to do is go to Floppy Latte's Digital Designs and Check out the Specials on the Left hand side of the page and you can get this inspirational piece of word art FREE, no coupon required!

Now, last week Edwina of Edwina's Creations, sent me a lovely picture of the card she created with last week's Manic Monday Freebie!  Take a gander!

How Pretty Edwina, Im lovin that gold bow!  If you all get a chance, stop on over at Edwina's Blog and check out her creations.

Did I mention a new feature???  I sure did!  I have been industrious here on my day off and decided it was time to reward my faithful customers, so in addition to my Customer Rewards Program, I have a new feature, that will change weekly.  It is a Buy 3 Get One Free! (I love Free!)  This week the stamp up for the special is Poinsettia Frame:

Now,how this works is:
 1.  You do a bit of shopping (you must have 3 digi stamps in your cart and the total must equal or exceed $7.00).
 2.  Add Poinsettia Frame to your cart. 
3.  Proceed to checkout when you are finished shopping. ***Note:  you will see the retail price of Poinsettia Frame in your cart UNTIL you enter the Coupon Code BOGO in the redemption area during checkout.
4.  Once you click through to the next page, you should see the price of Poinsettia Frame deducted from your total. (I have double checked this and it has worked both times.  You MUST TYPE in BOGO, you can't copy and paste as it does not always work that way).
5.  Continue to check out and viola, you get Poinsettia Frame FREE!  (Again, I just love FREE!)

Now, the offering will change each week, but the coupon code will stay the same and you will be able to reuse it only if you purchase at least 3 digi stamp products AND your cart total is equal to or more than $7.00.

I am giving this a test run to you all out there and if it is something that you really  like, I will continue it.


Ohhhhh I can feel the snow coming so I decided it was time to put together a few snowflake digital die cut files for you folks out there that have cutting machines and the software!  This week I have relased a set of three snowflake files (as well as each file individually).

Brrrrr! I can just feel the cold from these beauties.  Just a heads up, the digital stamp files will be released on the 9th of December!  These digital die cut files can be cut several times and folded on center, glued together, and hung up as 3 D ornaments!  Im in the process of doing that right now!  Or use as bag toppers, flat ornaments, tags, and anything else you can dream up!  They are available here for $2.50


I have noticed that I made a BIG Boo Boo and all my cut files I listed at $3.00.  Another case of looking at one thing and typing another.  All of the pricing has been reduced to reflect the correct price of $1.00 for each individual cut file.  The prices of digital cut file sets will also be reduced (the snowflake set above IS correctly priced!)  Sets will be discounted based on the # of die cuts in each file.

I want to thank everyone who shopped during the Black Friday All Week Sale!  The sale was a success!


Being that NewYear's will be here before we know it, I am working on a couple of great New Year's Images to be released next week so stay tuned here in blog land and/or with the newsletter to see what I have come up with!

Until Next Week,,,,or sooner, if the coffee holds out!
Catch you on the flip,    Floppy!

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  1. Thank you for this very lovely sentiment!!

  2. Thanks for the sentiment, I like it a lot. I just purchased several products from your site last week and I now hear that there is a free item feature...too bad it's too late for my purchase!

  3. oops, the link to your website is not working and I am unable to grab the freebie from today. I hope it gets fixed and I get it before 24 hrs are up.

  4. RK, if you will send me your private email, i will fix you right up!

  5. Anon,

    As of 2:30 PM EST the link was functional, please email me at admin@floppylattedesigns if you are still having issues.



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