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Monday, January 30, 2012

***Manic Monday*** A wheelbarrow full of new Products!

Happy Manic Monday Everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Ours was wet, then clear, then cold, then wet again!  Crazy Crazy Weather, and they wonder why we get sick!  Anywho, I spent the entire day Saturday drawing.  And I must warn you, I was in a Butterfly mood!  I went through the survey and a lot of you lovely ladies asked for Butterflies, so now you have a great selection of Butterflies!  I plan on increasing the new series with some artistic ones as well, and ones in flight, but this little offering should get you started!

But First, here is your Manic Monday Freebie!  Yes, you guessed it, a Butterfly Frame!

This Frame is also available with "Get Well Soon" added to it.  This frame is appropriate for so many occasions!  Just click on the link above and put it in your cart and check out for FREE!  No Coupon Needed.
Price $2.00 (after Tuesday Morning at 12:01 a.m. EST)
Now, on to all the new products!  Continuing with the Butterfly Theme, here is the All A Flutter Series.  Now there will be more butterfly styles added to this series in the coming weeks so make sure to bookmark the store and check back often!

All of these beautiful butterflies can be found listed in the NEW PRODUCTS section of the shop.  I figured it would be simpler just to direct you to the New Products section since there are quite a few new items on the shelves today!

Next up, Babies!  I have some lovely Baby Themed stamps for you this week!

and for even more savings, I have combined them into a 3 Pack, Oh Baby 3 Pack.  Again, all of these products can be found in   NEW PRODUCTS  at the shop.
Price $2.50 each

The combo pack is priced at $5.00 (which is a savings of $2.50 when you buy the pack)
And then there is the Diaper Pin, an illusion drawing!

Price $1.25

And for all of you that love Florals, here is Artistic Flowers!

An artistic rendering of a floral arrangement!
Price $2.00

And one more for you all that love birds and nature!

A Bird Among Branches

Now this stamp is a little more detailed for assistance in shading!
Price $4.00

Once again, all of the new product releases that you see here can be found in NEW PRODUCTS in the shop.

Remember, there is a 50% off sale going on at Floppy Latte's Digital Designs until Feb 6th, and all of the new product releases are INCLUDED!  So right now, you can get some great savings!


Remember the Customer Rewards Program.  It is listed on most every stamp in the store (the ones that don't show it still qualify, it is just that I didn't copy it to them!  I know, I know!)  Just email me with your account name at the shop, (i don't want your password or anything) and I can verify your purchases (freebies are not counted) and send you a coupon for your free stamp when you meet the 5 stamp purchase.  But you have to let me know you are requesting the Customer Rewards cause goodness gracious, you all shop a good bit, and I do so much appreciate it!

Now, for the B3G1 Free.......I couldn't decide, so I let Mark pick!  And this is what he picked.  Im calling it Mark's Special! Makes him feel really important that I include him in my work!
So the B3G1 Free (or more affectionately, Mark's Special) is.....

Heart Branch

All you have to do is put in a total of $7.00 worth of stamps in your cart AND add Heart Frame, and use the coupon code BOGO and viola!  You will get Heart Branch for FREE!  (here is a little secret, the coupon is worth $2.00 and Heart Branch is on sale for $1.00 so it is like getting another $1.00 Stamp for FREE!)  Funny how that works!  If it works for you all, it works for me! 

Whew,now that all the good stuff is taken care of....I have a little funny to tell you.....Now, please don't take offense to any of this, it was just a simple case of selective hearing and I nearly laughed myself out of the truck seat.

Conversation crossing Black Mountain:

Me:  My lips are burning.
Mark:  Why?
Me:  My lip gloss has cinammon oil in it.
Mark: (with a super strange look on his face)  Huh, Seminole?  What does that have to do with your lips burning?
Me:  (laughing hysterically, with this particular mental image......the factory squeezing oil out of seminoles (Im using FSU for this disrespect to any American Indian meant in any shape form or fashion.) and putting it in lip gloss.
Mark:  (whistling and waiting til I quit laughing to explain)
Me:  Hush up and I will tell you.
Mark:  Still Whistling
Me:  Not Seminole,  Cinnamon oil.
Mark:  Oh ok, I didn't think that seminole should be in anybody's lip gloss.
Me:  Now look what you did, you made me smudge my eyeliner and mascara! (due to the fact that I was laughing so hard I was crying)

Ok.....that is my funny for the week.   Now I must say I have messed up in speaking for the last two or three weeks, nothing comes out quite right, but still quite funny.  I guess I have been a little tongue tied.  Not normally a state that I experience very often!

Well, I think that about covers it for this happy Manic Monday!  I do hope you have enjoyed this post, and keep your eyes peeled for more new products this week!   

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


As promised, a short and sweet post with the Newest products I have uploaded!  All links are clickable and they are all at 50% off right now (until Feb 6th!)  And you can use the BOGORC coupon as well to save even more!

So here we go!!!
Cute Cupid

Flutter My Heart

Kissing Swans

Cupid on a Rope

Heart Branch

Elmer the Love Struck Elephant

Country Hearts

Two Hearts

Whew!  8 New Valentine's Day Images!  Im in a Valentine Mood Now!  Now off to shop for the Valentine Present of the Century, A telescope for Mark! (Actually I really want this but he made mention that he would really like to have one so we could go up on the mountain together and stargaze!  Hmmmmmmm)

Well, Ill have some more goodies tomorrow!
Catch you on the Flip
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Follower Winner and a 50% OFF SALE

Hi Everyone,

As promised I have the winner for the Follower Contest!  Here is the winning follower #

Congratulations Kelly Smith!  You have won a $25 coupon to Floppy Latte's Digital Designs.  Please email me at to claim your prize!  (If the winner does not contact me by Jan 31st, I will redraw a winner for this go around!)  Remember, When we hit 175 followers, we will draw again!

For all of you that have so kindly taken the survey at the top of the blog, I am getting coupons out as soon as I finish this post!  I want to thank you all for your responses!  It helps me so much to make sure that I can know what you want so that I can do my best to give it to you!  And due to the overwhelming desire to have a sale,  (and I have not had a sale in a while!)  Im gonna have one!  This one is going to be a 50% off sale (in honor of Valentines Day!).  I will be adding images for Valentines Day today and tomorrow (as soon as I get home from work), so bookmark the shop!  This sale will run from today at 1 p.m. or earlier (EDIT:  THE SALE IS LIVE!), depending on when I get home from work, until Feb 6th!    The only items that will not be on sale are the Gothic Capital Monograms.  But, I do have a two different coupons available for those as well, a 25% off of 5 or more, or 35% off the entire set. You will just need to email me for those coupons.  Please state in the email which one you need, the 25% or the 35% and I will get it right out to you!

Since I am going to be putting in quite a few images in the next two days, I will make a post as to when I add each batch, short and sweet, with links.  And yes, they will ALL be on sale!  

Well, it is time to hit the road, and play in the coal dust filled shop for a while!   I will see you all shortly!  Enjoy the sale and have a great Tuesday!
Catch you on the Flip,

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Monday, January 23, 2012

***Manic Monday*** and all that Jazz!

***Follower Total Coupon Alert***
Remember when I reach 150 followers, I will put you all in a drawing ( and have it pick a winner for the $25.00 follower coupon to my shop, and also for every 25 followers after that, I will continue to do so!  So grab your friends and follow Floppy Latte's Digital Designs blog for your chance to win!

Happy Manic Monday Everybody!  What a week I had last week.  I mean to tell you!  Work is all caught up, found some hard to find parts for the '71 International Harvester Scout II (our new mountain buggy, once it is up and running!) and lots of drawing and creating time, not to mention, coloring my hair (gotta hide the grays),  Zumba  (We had a great class on Thursday, 3 new ladies, to add to our regular 4 crazies!),  oh and we just got NetFlix streaming videos!  Gotta Love that DSL!  They have quite a few great workout videos that you can access anytime in your instant queue.  I think that it is gonna help me lose that last 15 lbs that is hanging around for no apparent reason! :-)  (  I wonder if NetFlix will give me a discount for plugging them.....mmmmm, probably not, but Ill keep them around anyway!)

Don't forget about my Customer Rewards Program!!!! If you purchase 5 digi stamps/ stamp packs/ or paper packs in any combination (excluding freebies) and you email me, I will send you a digital stamp or paper pack of your choice, FREE!  Now this can be on 1 order, or 5 orders or any number of orders inbetween, just as long as the number adds up to 5.  How cool is that.  But  you must email me at with the wording "Customer Rewards" in the subject line of your email.  Include the name of the stamp or paper pack that you would like and after I confirm your purchases, it will be on its way to you!  Easy Peasy!  I appreciate all of my customers and this is one way I can say Thank YOU!

Now, this is an important thing to me.  I want to know what you, as my valued customers want to see in my store, as either purchasable products and/or freebies.  Please take a moment to complete the little survey and help me to give you more of what you want!  I want to be your go to source for digital stamps.  I will use your information to provide you with what you want at both of my stores, Floppy Latte's Digital Designs and StitchyBear Digital Stamps!
I will understand if you don't want to participate in this little survey, and that is ok!  But if you do, you will see more of what you want and need in the way of digital stamps and digi papers and Digital Die Cut Files! Everyone that completes the survey will receive a $3.00 Coupon emailed to them upon completion! 
The survey is at the top of the blog if you would like to participate!  I do hope you will!

Now on to the goodies at hand!  It is freebie time and I have a good one for you!  

These little gems are great for adding that little extra to tags, cards, toppers, and whatever else you can think of!  Each one is approx 2 inches round, but can be sized up a bit if you need to!  They are FREE until Tuesday Night at Midnight then they will hit the shelves at $2.00!  Just hit up the Specials sidebox at the shop, or just jump straight to them here.

Let me know what you think!

And that Stef, always at the ready to produce something lovely lovely with my images!
Here she is using some of the roundies, and I do mean Some of the Roundies......(I must keep the eraser tool away from that woman!  Just Kidding Stef, you do lovely lovely work, no matter what you do!)

Now on to some new products!
Let's seeee, what is in the bag this week............................

Oh Pretty Flowers !

A bit less complicated than I - III, but equally as nice!
Price:  ($2.50)
Stef, busy again!  I love the colors she  used on this card!  So vibrant and happy!

Digging in the bag again..........    !Ouch!  (my attempt at being humorous!)
A couple of Digital Die CUT files.  (get it?  I know you all did, and you are groaning now, right lol!)

Love Candy Box

A sweet little box to cut on your cutting machine.  Included in the file is a PDF for folding and scoring lines since you dont want those to cut! It is shown in the preview above colored pink, but you can cut it out on whatever paper strikes your fancy!
Price:  ($1.25)

Lattice Heart Box

Again, another precious little box for you to cut out and put goodies in for your favorite Valentine!  I thought of putting some flashy paper behind the lattice work to show it off a bit.  Again, this preview is in pink, but you can cut it out on whatever suits your fancy!  A PDF is also included for the folding and scoring lines.


A pretty pretty orchid, including shading!  I love my flowers and this is one of my favorites
Price: $3.00

Lily Circle

A solitary lily and one small bud enclosed in a simple circle.  I love the elegance and understated quality of this stamp.  It also includes a bit of shading to add some extra dimension.
Price:  $2.50
Glitterbabe, one of my fab Product Designers used Lily Circle in a lovely Get Well Card!

Lily Card Frame

This lovely simple frame is adorned by a set of lillies.  I can see so many uses for this card!
Price:  $2.00
And---One of my product designers....the fabulous Glitterbabe (Stef)  made this lovely creation with Lily Card Frame:

Now what about those Product Designers????  Stef has been busy !  Do make sure that you stop by her blog at and leave her some love!

Here is another one of Stef's Cards she did with one of the Gothic Capital Monograms.

Gothic S Capital Monogram

Lovely Lovely, Simple and Elegant!  You can browse the entire Gothic Style Monogram set by clicking here!
Remember, I have discount coupons available for 25% off the purchase of 5 or more and 35% off if you would like the purchase the entire set!  All you need to do is to email me at and I will be happy to send you the one you need!

Next up is the lovely Hibiscus

I love the Black and White Elegance of this card!  Sometimes simple is simply perfect!  And this one is!

Now on to the B3G1 Promotion for this week!  
Hmmmmm,   How about Readers Choice this week!  
I do this every once in a while!  Sooooooo, all you have to do is add 3 digital stamps to your shopping cart (that total $7.00 or more) and then add one more stamp (that has a value of up to $4.00) and enter BOGORC in the redemption box at check out and $4.00 will be deducted from your total!  Hows that???  BOGORC will be in effect from Jan 23rd until Jan 28th!  So grab your choice while its HOT!

Well, I have to get crackin'  I do hope you all have enjoyed this week's post and offerings and I do hope to see you at Floppy Latte's Digital Designs shop!

Until the next post!
Catch you on the flip,
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Survey on What You, my valued Customers Want to see at Floppy Latte's Digital Designs.

Hi Everybody!

Just a quick little post to let you know that I have a survey up at the top of the blog!  Gosh, I know, I hate them too, but I want to get to know you all better, and be able to put up more of what you want!  And as a little incentive for your efforts, I am giving everyone that completes the survey a $3.00 coupon good at my shop!  If you don't want to participate, I totally understand!  But if you do, you will start to see more of what you want!

Ok, got to work now,  Manic Monday is just around the corner and I have some really nice goodies for you all!   Ohhhh, you might want to check the shop as a few new items have been put in!

Catch you on the flip,
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All of the Gothic Monogram Capital Digital Stamps are LOADED onto the store shelves!

Ok, so I got industrious after my workout! (Did you know that Netflix streams really neat workout videos?  I was just so excited!)

Where was I, Oh yes, the Gothic Capital Monogram digi's.  The are all loaded up.  At this moment, if you would like to purchase the entire set, I have that loaded as well.  You can get it here.  You will be getting the entire file, all 26 characters.  You will see a price of $56.00 (which is what the set would cost you if you bought each one of them individually) but, if you email me at, I will send you the coupon for 35% off of the entire set.  That brings the cost down to $36.40.  Now compared to a rubber stamp collection of the same letters (if there was one) that would be a great deal!  Plus these are resuable an unlimited number of times!

If you don't need or want the entire set, I also have a 25% coupon good on 5 or more individual digis in this series.  Again, just email me and I will get it right to you!

Be on the lookout for more new uploads before Monday!  Woo Hooo!
Catch you on the Flip
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New Product Releases, A little Notice and other Stuff! :-)

Hi Everybody!  Yep It is Wednesday, and I have new products on the store shelves at Floppy Latte's Digital Designs.

Oh Look, only 5 more followers to go and I will get to give away that $25.00 Coupon!  Come on and tell all your friends, It could be you that wins!  (drawing will be done by based on each person's position in the list of followers).

But before we get into the new products, I need to put out a little notice.  I know how everyone loves the Manic Monday Freebies!  And I love to do them as well.  But....I have noticed several orders coming through the store with  more than one of the freebie in the cart.  Now, I know it is a freebie, and it is really not a big deal, because I do put it up for free, but if you could please check your cart to make sure that you are only checking out with one freebie, I would greatly appreciate it.  I use the invoice to track how many of the freebies go out, and if there are two or three going out in a cart, it throws my data off for that week.  I track the freebies because it helps me to determine what kinds of stamps everyone likes so that I know what to put in the store for sale.  As you know, I make no money off of the freebies, I do them because I love to do them.  I  don't want to have to go back to doing a coupon for freebies, just to keep my data in check.  I would rather you all just be able to pop in the store and get what you want and check out without using a coupon for freebies.  I'm going to see how next week goes and then decide whether to go back to the coupons or not.  Help a girl out and double check your carts when you are getting your Manic Monday Freebie!  It helps me to give you more of what you want! If you have any questions or concerns or issues about this, please email me and we will get it all sorted out!  Please don't think that I am a gripin' or complainin', because I am really not, I just want to make sure my data is right for my store. I know you all will understand!

New Products on the Store Shelves!

Now, On to the new products!  I have updated the slide show as well so that you can see the newest releases today!   AND, I have released an entire Monogram Alphabet!  That is 26 NEW Alpha stamps!  They will each be available as individual stamps, BUT, if you would like to purchase 5 or more, I will be giving a 25% discount on those orders.  You will need to email me and I will send you the specific coupon!  If any of you are interested in purchasing the entire set, I will set up a product in the store where you can do so at a discount as well!  These are lovely alpha monograms that would look great in frames on cards, note-cards, wall art, and Die Cuts (coming soon).  Let me know what and how you would like to purchase them and I am sure that I can come up with an arrangement that will be pleasing to everyone!

Ruffled Heart

Big Heart Teddy

Teddy with Heart

Gothic Style Monograms A - E (already loaded onto store shelves!)

Each of the above Gothic Style Monogram previews are clickable so that you can go directly to them in the shop.  I will proceed with uploading the rest of them over the next two or three days!  If there is a letter that you specifically need, then just email me using the email graphic at the top left of my blog and I will get the one you need uploaded right away!  Each of the Gothic Style Monograms are $2.00 each, and you can get a 25% discount when you buy 5 or more at one time!  Just email me for your coupon!


Well, I had best get to uploading the rest of the Gothic Monogram Caps!  Got 21 to go LOL!
Until Monday, (or sooner, ya never can tell)
Catch you on the Flip,
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