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Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Manic Monday to you all and a Category Sale!

Good Morning everyone!  Hope you all are having a wonderful day!  Me, well, I'm making it the best I can!  Its a bit chilly here, and one of those stay inside days!  As I have been working this week on my newest drawings, I began to think about the Manic Monday offering and all of those lovely customers that miss out because of the time differences.  It's just not fair.  Soooooooooo, I came up with this.  Manic Monday will remain, but, the freebie will be up all week!  That way everyone has the time to get it!  Just seemed  like the right thing to do.  Yeah, Ill lose some sales, and hey, that's ok.  I just want my followers and customers to be able to get what I offer on their own schedule!  So instead of being good for only a couple days, now you can get your Manic Monday freebie, up until the following Saturday evening at midnight.  Typically Sunday is when I do the store maintenance, upload the next batch of goodies to the shelves and make corrections so I like to give myself one day when I can do this without messing too much up for my customers.  I do hope you all like this new change.  If you have questions or concerns about it, please let me know via email and I will do my best to sort it all out for you!

Starting this week as well, I will be setting a different category on sale each week!  This week the Category is Animals/Birds/Creatures.  Everything in this category is 25% off until Saturday, at Midnight!  No coupon necessary, and yes, you can use your BOGO coupon with this as well as well as your freebie!  How is that for a deal!

Now,  being that Sunday has past, I have uploaded some great new goodies for you all!  So let's get right to it!







All of the above new products can be found in the NEW PRODUCTS area of the shop!

A new feature is coming to the shop shortly!  ***INSPIRATION AVENUE***!  I have a great product design team, with Stef and Susan!  And soon, all of the wonderful cards and crafts that they create with my images and paper packs will be all in one place for you to view, with links to the products that they used!  I think it will be a great addition to the shop!  Sort of a gallery of great ideas!  As soon as it is up and running smoothly, I will let you all know!

NOW, on to the Manic Monday (all week) FREEBIE!  

Tea Time Stacked Teacups!
Manic Monday All Week Freebie!
I love my tea, and this is a really cute little image!  I can see it as wall art or on an invitation to a spring tea party!  I do hope you enjoy!  You will be able to get this great freebie until Saturday, March 3rd at midnight.  After that time it will revert back to $3.00.

Now, on to another funny little story!   (You would think by now, Mark and I would learn to carry around a video camera and make a living off of America's Funniest Home Videos!)  Alas, we are more worried about the fun part and not the film part!  So sit back, relax, and get ready to think,  "What were they thinking!"

Friends and Firecrackers!

In 2009, we were visiting Julie, Cacie and Colin in Gainesville Florida.  Julie and Cacie are Mark's lovely daughters.  This happened to occur around the 4th of July, but I guess you already had that part figured out.  We had firecrackers, smoke bombs, sparklers, food, 4 wheelers, go carts, and what not outside in the yard.  We also had a sling here goes the story!

Colin:  Hey Jess, look at this great arm mounted sling shot!
Me:   Ohhhhhh neat, can I see it?
Colin:  Sure!
Mark, Julie and Cacie:  Lighting sparklers!
Me:  Colin, got a firecracker?
Colin:  Yeap.
Me:  Ok, load me up and wait til I pull it back and then light it and we will send it up in the air to blow up!
Colin:  Ok.
Me:  Pulling back the slingshot and waiting for Colin to light the rather large firecracker.
Mark:  How did you all get that way up there?
Me:  With this....showing off Colin's slingshot!
Colin:  Smiling proudly
Mark:  Yeah, its all fun til somebody puts their eye out.
Colin:  These have lonnnnnng fuses!
Mark:  OOOOOKayyyyyy?
Me:  Ready for the next one?
Colin:  Yeap, got it right here.
Me:  Loaded up and ready.
Mark, Cacie, and Julie:  Lighting more sparklers and other pretties on the other side of the vehicle.
Colin:  Lights the firecracker.
Me:  I pull it back for release
(Im sure you can guess what happened but Im gonna tell you anyway!)
Me:   My ears are ringing, my left eye is burning and I have no eyelashes or part of an eyebrow on the left side.
Mark:  Comes over running, scared to death.
Colin:  Picking up the sling shot from the ground.  
Cacie and Julie:  Looking extremely confused and concerned.
Me:  Between laughing and crying, saying..."I can't see, I can't see"
Mark:  Runs to get ice and my sunglasses.
Me:  Miserable, but in a strange way, excited about having launched at least one good shot.
Mark:  Still shaking his head and trying not to laugh!
Yes, it was funny, extremely dangerous and potentially sight-threatening, but funny none the less!
MORAL:  Im not allowed to have slingshots or firecrackers anymore LOL!

And you all wonder what is wrong with you know lol!  I did not lose my eyesight but for two days, and the eyelashes and eyebrow grew back just fine!

Well, I do hope you all enjoyed today's little post, all the new goodies and the little funny story!

I will be working on some new stuff this week, so stay tuned!

Remember, only a few more followers for the blog and the next 25$ coupon will be awarded!

So until later in the week.
Catch you on the flip,
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  1. how did I miss your blog??? I get your weekly emails and boy do I get a chuckle outta them when I read the "funnies" Great Digi's and great blog, I am now a follower! You can follow me too HERE

  2. Thanks for the teacups Jess - One of my friends always has the kettle on so this will be perfect for her! Helen x

  3. LUV the teacups - TY for sharing your talent with us! :)

  4. Jessica
    thanks for the teacups and for the story. I can picture it and it made me laugh. I am just glad you are safe. Maybe it will be inspiration for a new drawing.



  5. Thanks for the teacups...they are very pretty.

  6. THank you for the beautiful tea cups image!!


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