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Monday, February 20, 2012


Hi Everyone,  Good Manic Monday Morning to you all!  I apologize for the lateness of this post, but we were hit with some bad weather and had power issues for a bit!

First:  Let me thank all of you for your well wishes and concern for my poor little shoulder!  They really lifted my spirits through this whole ordeal!  You guys are the greatest!

UPDATE:  Dr. says that there are torn ligaments and tendons, along with a few that are stretched, and they are being pinched in the socket!  How lovely is that?  The only options are.....modified use, and tylenol  now and again, or surgery and much rehab, and still probably modified use and tylenol now and then....which is worse?  Im not sure at this point!  At the bottom of this post, you can read the "funny story" that is in part to blame for this injury!  (it really is funny!)

Second bit of news!   It has been a bit of a mild mild winter here in SE Kentucky.  I think Mother Nature is apologizing for last winter!  It was a real bugger!  So, my crocuses and tulips are coming up, the peas are planted and the garden plants are started in the mini greenhouse upstairs by the attic is nice and warm up there! All of this begs for a SALE....yep, you heard me right...a sale....How about 30% off any stamp or paperpack in the Flowers/Floral Category at the shop???????    Just gets you in the mood for spring doesn't it!  AND, your BOGO coupon will work as well with the sale, so that is a bonus!  Now I am adding quite a few flower images today (Flowers are my all time favorite) and a set of seed markers.  Who says digi stamps are only for cards?  I got the herbs, the veggies, flowers, and a few others for you all included in packs.  Print them out, color them up, laminate them and attach them to marker stakes and your garden or window box will look fabby before and after your plants come up!  I for one am all for pretty!  And yes, they would look good on cards as well.  Im working on finding some vintage seed packets as well that I can draw inspiration from and create some vintage type stamps as well.  Still in the searching process on this one!

Now, for the preview of the new products!!!!!!  Oh goodie goodie!

Shaded Iris

Scrolling Vine

Pretty Shaded Flower


Herb Plant Marker Tags

School Girl Reading

Flowers in a Glass

Bouquet II

Floral Monogram Frame V

All of the above stamps can be viewed in the New Products Category at the shop.  I figured it was easier just to link to the category so everyone didn't get lost.   I know I do from time to time when I put in a large amount of stamps!

There will be several more floral stamps going in this week and yes, they will all be on sale as well!

And now, what you all have been waiting for!!!!  The Manic Monday Freebie!

Roses Frame

Yes, I am in a "Flower Mood"  Again!  I saw my first two bloomed out daffodils on Sunday and they were simply beautiful!  That sunny yellow color against the brown and gray of a waning winter!  I think daffodils are one of the first harbingers of spring!  The crocuses are up, not bloomed yet, the tulip leaves have broken ground, and there is a ton of new growth on the blackberry and raspberry vines!  Oh berry season equals wine making season! (and probably a few wine/berry inspired stamps too!)  Just pop on over to the shop and grab Roses Frame for your Manic Monday Freebie!

Remember, there is a sale on Flowers/Florals and I threw in Frames too, because there are a lot of flowers blooming in that category as well!  They are all 30% off!

I wanted to have some Store product designs ready to show off today, but with the shoulder, the weather and well, just general stuff, I have not gotten that setup completed yet, but I am working like a mad woman on it.

Now, last week, I promised you a funny story that will explain some of the shoulder injury.  Im giving you the reader's digest version, because it is funnier, and leaves out the unnecessary babble!  So Here We Go!

June 2006 - The Great Jet Ski Debacle!

Me:  Mark, lets go to the lake property and see Mom and the fam and ride the jet skis.
Mark:  Okie dokie, but I have only driven a jet ski once and that wasn't pretty.
Me:  Oh thats ok, we have a learners key that will keep it under control for you!
Mark:  Im too big for a baby key, if I drive it I want the Big Boy Key.
Me:  Ok, only cause I love you.
Mark:  (Wicked little boyish smile....gotta love him)
Fast Forward 2 hours:
Lake Property - Lake Hamilton Florida (US Hwy 27)
Dad:  Jet ski is all ready, and I have the tow rope and saucer ready to ride! (the saucer is a large inflatible ride that is towed behind the jet ski with a tow rope.)
Mark:  Im driving first.
Me:  Here is the big boy key, but be careful.
Mark:  You are on the saucer,,,,,I don't do those types of rides.
Me:  OK (ive done this plenty of times!)
Mark:  Starts the jet ski right on up and slowly pulls away from the beach.
Me:  Gets on the saucer and grabs the handholds (rubber wrapped nylon hand grips!)
Mark:  Gets up to a decent speed so that the saucer and I will ride nicely behind him.
Me:  Giving a nod for him to pick up the speed a bit.........BIG MISTAKE to tell a race car driver to pick up the speed!
Mark:  Follows orders to the letter.......kicks it up to nearly 40 miles an hour!
Me:  Hanging on for dear life!
Mark:  Sharp turn at 40 mph (which equals about 70 mph for the saucer and myself)
Me:  Airborne!  Arm slid through the hand hold up to the armpit and then the handhold jerks the shoulder socket (at 70 mph), sending me flying and smacking the water with a sharp thud! (good thing it was only 6 ft deep!)
Mark:  Kinda laughing, cause neither one of us realized what I had done to my shoulder.
Mom:  On the shore screaming cause she thought he killed me!
Me:  Ohhhhh what fun.....lets do that again, just a bit slower next time.
Mark: (wicked boyish grin.......which spells trouble)
Me:  Back on the Saucer.
Mark:  Back on the Jet Ski.
Story repeats itself, only this time I got yanked around for about 2 blocks (distance wise) on the water by that very same handhold then, went airborne again, hit the water, knocked the wind out of me, and Mom really thought I was dead that time.
Me:  I thought I was too.  I finally started to feel the pain of the first yank, combined with the second yank and knew I had probably done something I should not have done and had the good sense to know not to do but did anyway!

Now, at the time, this entire episode took about oh 30 minutes to transpire.  Somebody should have had the good sense to stop me BEFORE I even got on that thing with Mark Driving.  But the things you do when you love and trust someone.   Now, Mark never intended to make me fly off......He just didn't realize that it would happen like it did.  We were having the time of our lives!

If you all could have seen the look on his face, you all would have felt so bad for him.  He really was scared after it was all over.  And we never have taken the jet ski out again with the saucer behind it.  Wonder why that is?

So now you know some of the issues behind why a simply fall from a recliner could mess me up so badly.  Because I was already messed up to start with!    For 5 years this has never healed and all it took was a sharp smack to bring it all back to the front!

Ok, story over, and I hope you got a chuckle from it cause I sure did when I typed it....It really was funny!

I do hope you all enjoyed today's post!  Remember the sale and keep checking back for all the new goodies this week!

Catch you on the flip,
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  1. YIKES girl what a wild ride!! Sounds like the stuff on America's Funny Videos. Not good that it has messed up you shoulder.....hope that rest and meds will help you to heal.
    Thank you for the beautiful rose frame digi!!

  2. Beautiful flowers!!!
    Thanks for the freebie :)

  3. Stopped in to check on your shoulder update. Take it easy and hope the rest and meds help.

  4. I keep forgetting to post here...I say go for the surgery! In my experience, knowing people with damaged joints, and having some of my own. Surgery has proved to be the wise choice.
    I have impingement syndrome in both shoulder sand bursitis in one, and biceps tendonitis in the other (goes all alone the biceps muscle) so I know shoulder pain (and we won't even discuss my damaged C-spine and the pain and pins and needles and burning it sends into the shoulders)

    so hearing YOUR story, just makes me hurt more YIKES...that is some injury!

    Much love and warm blessings upon you!


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