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Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Manic Monday, Exciting News, A New Category Sale, New Samples, and Yes another Funny!!!!!!

Hi Every one!  It is another Manic Monday---didn't the Bangles do a song with this title......oh my, I am dating myself!

First off, let me share some exciting news with you!  I am going to be featured in the April Issue of Paper and Pixels magazine!  Woot Woot Woot!  There will be a nice article, and great sample cards soooooo, if you have never looked at Paper and Pixels, the April 15th issue would be a great place to start, and at a $1.00 an issue, it is a fantastic bargin for all of the great info in it!  And I will be offering a very good discount coupon for new subscribers in the April Issue.   And yes, I will be offering a great "Im Published" Discount here as well if you don't want to subscribe to the magazine!  I would never leave my lovelies out! As the weeks pass and get closer to the issue date, I will be letting out more information!  My product designers are also going with me on this!  Im so excited for them and for me!  This is a really big thing for me, especially to be noticed like this!  Thanks to you all who shop my store, use my digis, visit my blog, and generally cheer me on each and every day!

***Blog Follower Coupon Giveaway Update!***
We now have 168 Followers!  Woot to us!  Only 7 more and that next $25.00 coupon will be given away in a random drawing!  Grab your friends, follow along and you could win $25.00 worth of my images!

This Week's Category Sale is................FRAMES!  Yeppers, everything in the Frame Category (including any images added after today will be on sale for a lovely 30% off!  Yes, the BOGO coupon will still work as well!)  This sale will run until Saturday Night at Midnight so grab em while they are on sale, use that BOGO coupon and really save!

Now, on to some great great creations for your viewing pleasure! (all cards are linked to their respective products in my shop.)

Stef (aka Glitterbabe) worked up this beauty!

This is stunning Stef!

Any Mom would love to get this card!

I love this for a guy's card!  Love the colors as well!

Susan has put together this lovely, colorful, vibrant Good Luck Card!
I love vibrant and colorful (if you could only see my sock drawer, you would understand!)

Another Vibrant card from Susan!  I love the way she did the background behind the silhouette!

Stef  turned out this lovely card with one of my newer images!  I am so digging the colors and that leaf die cut!

Onward to the Newest Products on the shop shelves!

Whew, I have had a busy week!!!!!!!!!

(Okay, for some reason my New Products Link has gone AWOL, but you can go under All Products and get the same info!)  Zen Cart has a mind of its own sometimes.

Okay, okay, now that you have had  your dose of inspiration, it is time for the Manic Monday Freebie!!!!!!!!!

And this week we have.....................

Pretty pretty flowers for a Mother's Day card, don't you agree?  You can get Bouquet Free until Saturday at Midnight!  After that it jumps back to $3.00  (***Note*** you must be registered in my shop to get the freebie!***)  Just pop over to the shop and check out the Specials on the Left Hand sidebar! (You may have to scroll down just a bit as my sidebar is filling up LOL!)

This week's Funny and True Story!

More Pyrotechnics! (at least I am not the principal player in this one!)
July 4th 2011
Place:  Mountain Road up Cloverlick Holler, Cumberland, Kentucky
Principal Players:  Mark, and Eddie, my lovely son.
Bystander/Chief Buggy driver:  Me
Enabler:  Eddie Powell (not present in the story, but without his efforts, this would have never happened)
***Note to parents***  DO NOT allow your children to attempt this, not even adults should! (they did, but they should have read they directions first!)

US:  driving up the mountain road above our house up in the mountains. (looking for a good spot)
What are we doing:  Going to set off a set of mortars (fireworks) that were given to my son by Eddie Powell....he sells fireworks during this time of year.
US:  This looks like a good spot.
US:  All pile out of the buggy
Eddie:  Opens up the pack of Mortars
Mark:  Looking for a spot to set up.
Eddie: (my son) Hey, Mark, this says we need a level spot.
Mark:  Hmmmm, it will be ok.
Eddie: (my son) Okie Dokie (such a trusting young lad)
Me:  Shaking my head with doubt.
Mark:  Picks a spot that apparently is level enough (reminding you readers, that this is a dirt and gravel road that we are on, former mining land.)
Eddie:  Sets up the mortar box (holds 24 mortars, preloaded in to their little slots.)
Mark:  Light them up man
Eddie:  Mom, I need your lighter.
Me (Mom)  Let me light them, you might  get burned. (I appear to be the only half way smart one in this bunch today.)
MOM lights the mortar wick.
US:  All get over behind the buggy, which by the way has an open top and sides......good for the view.
MORTAR PACK: goes one, off goes two.....lovely lovely.....working like a charm
MORTAR PACK:  wishes to rethink it's operations......decides the ground is in fact NOT level enough and tips over
MORTAR PACK:  whoosh, off goes a shell, off into the woods and scares the dickens out of some creature living up there......and it let us know it was not happy!
MORTAR PACK:  whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...........fireworks are flying low in every direction, mostly towards us behind the buggy.
US:  Ducking, hollering, running away like scared children, while laughing our heads off and ohhhhing and ahhhhhing at the carnage of bushes, trees, and stumps all around us.....
(actually it was a bunch of weeds near the river, but at this point we were so excited we didn't care!)
MORTAR PACK:  Final whoosh......all 24 mortars fired.  Time to burn out.
Eddie:  (my son) OH man that was wicked fun!  I wish we had another one.
Mark:  I hope the buggy didn't get damaged  (never mind me standing there shaking, checking myself for holes!)
Me:  Next time, we find a level spot.
Mark:  There is no level spot anywhere around.  Next time we will crib it up with a few rocks. (Always the engineer)
Eddie (my son):  I wonder if Eddie Powell has any more of these!!!!!  Please Mom???
Me:  No, not no way, not no how, not now, not again, not next year!
Eddie:  Awwww Mom.
Mark:  to Eddie...wait til next year, he will have some more!  (looking at me with that, oh come on he is a boy look)
Me:  Thankful once again that I can go home in one piece with these two yahoos!

MORAL:  Im not sure if there is one, but next time, I will read the directions, and not leave it to them.

Fast forward:  Oh man, it is next year already and Ed is coming for the summer.

I do hope you have enjoyed this week's posting!  I sure did!  I will be steadily working away, as my shoulder allows to add more lovely stamps to the store shelves so stop back often!
Catch you on the Flip,

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  1. Great story and thanks for the lovely freebie! Helen x

  2. I don't think my first comment went thru so just in case it didn't...thank you fo the pretty freebie.

  3. Okay, this sounds like something my hubby and his friend Jerry would do ... Just insert "Jerry" instead of "Eddie" and you would have some idea of our 4th of July's!

  4. My DH volunteers at firework shows. Be thankful it was only 24 mortars! DH celebrates Tuesday, Feb 2, the daffodils are blooming and whatever else he decides needs some recognition.

    The new images are wonderful. Thank you for the bouquet.


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