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Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Manic Monday, Silhouette Category Sale!

Hi Everyone!  Happy Manic Monday!  Yep, Im running behind today, as we went out of town and got back very very late!  But Never Fear!  I am here!  

***Blog Follower Update***  We are closing in on the 200 Mark!  We are at 182 so only 18 more and another $25 coupon goes up for grabs!  Ann, you have until tonite to email me for your coupon for your win last week!  

This week, my sale feature is SILHOUETTES!  All Silhouettes in the Silhouette Category are on sale for 30% off until Saturday Night!  The Hat Ladies, the Fairys, and the Ships are all included in this sale!  Stock up now while they are on sale, and remember, you can still use the BOGO coupon (if $7.00 total is met) and save even more!

Got a few new images on the store shelves with a few more coming today, AFTER I get this post out there!  And a bunch of lovey eye candy for you to garner some inspiration!  So without further ado, lets get going!

These were showcased on Wednesday, but incase you didn't see them, here they are again!  They all can be found in the All Products and New Products Section of my shop!  So Here We Go!

Simple Hibiscus $2.50

Roses $3.00

Dew Drop Butterfly $3.00

Butterflies in the Grass $3.00

Butterflies at the Water $ 3.00

Butterfly and Hibiscus $3.00

Butterfly and Grass $3.00

More are on the Way!  Just have to sit down long enough to get them stocked!

Okay, now time for some lovely eye candy!  Stef over at Glitterbabe's has been busy busy busy!  And I have a special card made by Laura Boetto, the Editor in Chief of Papers and Pixels magazine!  One, because I have been busy, Two, because her creations with my stamps are going to be featured in my article in Papers and Pixels in April, and Three, she just loves to play!  So sit back and enjoy!

All of the titles are linked to their respective images in the store, should you wish to purchase them!

Hibiscus - Card made by Laura Boetto of Papers and Pixels Magazine!

Laura is such a beautiful Artist!  I simply love the shading here and that punch, and well, the entire card!  If this showed up in my mailbox, I would be one happy camper!

Butterfly and Grass -

Stef always does a super fantastic job, and this card is no exception!  I love her browns and greens, and even though it does not quite show in the photograph, you can bet there is glitter on that butterfly!


Awesomeness at its finest!  Another beautiful card from Stef!  I love this card's simplicity and those roses are showcased so well!

Vintage at its finest!  The background punch is lovely and Stef has used it so well to compliment her image choice!

Wow!  That Hibiscus looks as if Stef went and picked it from the bush!  Those butterfly punches add so much to this card and I love her coloring here on the butterfly in the image!  Spring has sprung over Stef's Way, I do believe.....well, at least in her craft studio anyway!

Two Different Cards using the same image!  The flower is the same color, just set up a bit differently!  Both of these cards are simply gorgeous.  Stef always amazes me!

Love love love this!  As a mother, this card would be so welcomed at my home!  I love Stef's color choices here!

Now this card is on my Top 10 of most favorite cards!  The elegance and simplicity of it is absolutely perfect.  The coloring Stef used is perfect for this image!  Subtle but the impact is solid!

Not a new item in the shop, but with Mother's Day around the corner it is perfection!

Another Stunning Card for Mother's Day!  Stef did this card in layers, which did not show through too well, but I know the actual card is simply stunning!  A 3D effect really shows off her work!

Another not new image in the shop, but I just love love love this card, glittery grapes and all!

Tea Time is one of my more popular images and this card screams tea party to me!  I wonder if Stef will whip up some sweet blueberry scones when I come up for tea!

Whoa!   Those are some lovely lovely lovely cards Stef!  Thank you so much for using your time and talent to make my images shine!  You are the cream to my coffee!

All of these images will be loaded up into Inspiration Alley at my shop shortly!

Now, the spot you have all been waiting for - The Manic Monday (all week) Freebie!  Well, here it is!!!!!   READERS CHOICE!  Once a month I give a Reader's Choice for a freebie!  And since I was feeling it today, here it is.  Please use coupon code MMCHOICE!  It has a value of $3.00!

Now, if you want to shop and use the BOGO Code and the MMCHOICE code, you will have to make two orders.  Zen Cart simply wont let you use more than one coupon code!    If you run into any issues, please email me using the email button on the left top of the blog and I will help you get all sorted out.  Also, a special note - you must be registered in my shop to get access to the freebie!  Due to the overwhelming response I get every Monday, it is very hard just to email out the freebie.  It would take me all week!    So go have fun in the shop, shopping!

This Week's Funny Stories!  No danger involved in these, but they were funny, well to me anyway!

No Hot Water!

Me:  Washing up the dinner dishes:
Mark:  Preparing to shower (yes, folks, Im gonna keep this clean)!
Me:  Finished with the dishes and sitting down to craft some jewelry at the kitchen table.
Mark:  Stepping out to say,  "What happened to all the hot water, why don't we have any hot water, what is going on!  (Ok, he works in and around the coal mines, so hot water is a necessity at clean up time!)
Me:  Nothing is wrong with the hot water, I just used it to finish up the dishes.
Mark:  You did like 12 dishes, why did you use up all the hot water?  (the look of frustration is growning on his face faster than a weed in the summertime)
Me:  Growing more puzzled, faster than the week!
Me:   Gets up and strolls over to the bathroom to check the situation out.
Mark:  Feel the water coming out of the faucet, ice cold! (That weed is even taller now!)
Me:  Surveying the faucets........ identifying the issues and formulating a grand plan.
Me:  Hoping against hope that I can keep a straight face whilst I begin the grand plan for returning the hot water to the shower.
Mark:  So?
Me:  I simply reach over and turn on the hot water faucet, then run like the dickens out of the bathroom and look for a safe place to hide! LOL!
Mark:   (I can't write here what he REALLY said, so I will be nice and say he said "Thank you so much Sweetie, you are such a loving person."

This is a classic sign of mouth overriding brain, which seems to be genetically programmed into the male species!  Gotta Love Him Though!

The Dryer!

Ok, let me give you a little back history here.  When we moved to Kentucky, we did not have a washer and dryer so I had to go to the Washeteria (laundry mat, wash house, etc).  I hated it, the drive, the wasted time away from home, the expense.  So I fixed it.  I waited til Mark had to go to work in Savannah Georgia for a couple of weeks, and I went out and bought a super duper deluxe front loading washer/dryer combo. (Now being the savvy shopper that I am, I figured up the cost over time to pay it off and it was wayyyyyy less than doing laundry at the washeteria for another two years, sooooo I bought it!  Now I am one happy camper at this point!  Now on to the little story!

Me:  (whilst cooking a great dinner for my hungry hard working man)  Babe, will you run the dryer?  (now, this whole story is all my fault  mind you, because well, I figured, after this amount of time (couple of years together) Mark would know what I meant.
Mark:  Ok, which one is the dryer.
Me:  The one to your right.  
Mark:  Which Button?
Me:  The one that says start, the timer is already set!
Mark:  Got it!  Dryer is running!
US:  Sitting down to a nice dinner and conversation!
US:  Getting the kitchen squared away after the nice dinner and conversation.
US:  Having a Grand discussion about who picked the last movie we watched, and who has to pick and load the next movie.
Me:  A couple hours later - Im gonna fold those clothes now, the dryer is finished running.
Mark:  Ok, Ill take out the trash.
Me:  Proceeds to the dryer, and opens the door.
Me:  A very very puzzled look on my face.
Mark:  Comes Back in.  Do you need some help folding those clothes.....but I AM NOT folding the shirts!
Me:  Ummmmm, wellllll, ahhhhhhh, not yet, honey, but when they get dry I will need your assistance.
Mark:  I ran that dryer two hours ago, they have to be dry by now.  What is wrong with the dryer.
Me:  Nothing is wrong with the dryer, but the clothes are still in the washer!
Mark: (to his defense) You didn't tell me to put the clothes in the dryer, you just said "Run the Dryer" so I "Ran the Dryer".  Now he has a straight face, not one bit of concern on it that he failed at the task.
Me: Kicking myself.  Loading the dryer, running the dryer!
Mark:  Sits down with a beer, cause he did the job I asked him to do, and he didn't feel one whit bad about the clothes not being dry......
Me:  I could'nt blame him on this one......but I am more specific from now on.
Me:  Thinking to myself.....nothing, nope, nada, gonna keep my trap shut on this one, cause, really, it was funny!  
Me:  An hour later, still folding the he could not hear me laughing to myself!

Moral of this story:  If you buy the dryer that you want, and your sweetie will help you do the laundry, Please ladies, be specific as to what needs to be done BEFORE the Dryer is turned on and run......The electric/gas companies do not want you to do this, but believe me, it is worth it when you pay the bill, especially if you wash and dry more than two loads a week!  Or better yet, just do it yourself and skip the really will be a money saver!

Well, that is about all for this am!  I got a ton of drawings staring me in the face and a couple of new projects to work on.......exciting things that will be forthcoming in future blog posts and newsletters, so stay tuned!

Don't forget, All Silhouettes are on sale for 30% off this week!
Gotta run and get the laundry done! 
Catch you all on the Flip,

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  1. Oh wow ... Choices choices and more choices. Thank you for the wonderful gift file. I also wanted to tell you I enjoy your stories .. I forward quite a few to "my hubby!" And his responses are always good for more laughs! The Dryer story is truly priceless and I have been thru this more than once. Even when being specific. His response ... did you have my FULL attention????? Hemmm.. now where did I put my 2x4 attention getting board ...

  2. LOL on your dryer story!!

    Thank you so much for giving us a choice for freebie!! I chose the butterfly on dewy grass.

  3. Gracious, it took me forever to decide on which image to get. Thank you so much. (And they say women are the weak and helpless sex.)

  4. Hilarious stories. I love reading them. Thank you so much for the freebie but like Tami B. It took forever to find just one I wanted. Thank you, Thank you.



  5. Thanks for sharing this story. My stomach hurts from laughing so much! Norma W

  6. Love your cute stories, have been married to my Dh for nrarly sixty years and boy do I have some similar stories to tell, but as you said "gotta luv them"........ Thanks so muchfor your lovely freebies, chose Butteerflies in the Grass. Love those butterflies!!!


  7. Thank you so much! I'm afraid Stef is a wonderful enabler! After seeing her beautiful card, I just had to choose Briar Rose.

  8. Where is it?
    Floppy Latte Design has her Monday Manic Freebie (Readers' choice) here

  9. LOL funny the dryer one!!!! 8-)
    Love the new flower images you have and I chose one of the beautiful floral frames. Thank You so much....have a great week!!!

  10. Thank u so much for the freebie code. I really enjoy your images

  11. Thanks so much for the free image, I finally decided on the dew drop Butterfly. I enjoy your funny stories as well.

  12. Thanks so much for the free image, I finally decided on the dew drop Butterfly. I enjoy your funny stories as well.


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