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Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Manic Monday to you all! A Coupon Sale!

Happy Manic Monday Everybody!   Well, here is the scoop!  Shoulder is repaired.  Wont go into the details, just to say, Oh Joy, wait a few weeks and I will be sooooooo happy!  Now on to the good stuff LOL! (Like that is good stuff, but stamps are wayyyyyyy more fun!)

I hope you all had a great week last week!  Being that it is Spring time, it makes me so happy!  Even though the threat of winter weather still lingers in the air, I can feel the Spring Fever coming on!  Cant wait to plant flowers of all sorts and watch the veggies grow!

Now, with Spring comes the Dreaded Tax Time!  I know, slap me for mentioning it, but it does give me a great excuse to have a 1040 Coupon Sale!  For this week, you can use coupon code 1040 and get 40% off a purchase of $10.00 or more, plus get the Freebie.  Anyway you add it up, it is a great deal!  

Coming out on April 15th, 2012

If you didn't get a chance to read my post a couple of weeks back, I am going to be featured in the April Edition of Papers and Pixels Crafting Magazine, and I am excited!  This is a fantastic magazine for all types of crafters and the February issue alone had over 100 pages, including a tutorial for light source using Copics and transparencies!   I don't even use Copics and I made the transparencies anyway, for my watercolor and my colored pencil work!  There are project tutorials, eye candy, ***vaulable coupons*** hint hint hint and articles galore!  At $1.50 per issue, it is a fantastic bargin! And there will also be a big announcement as well for Papers and Pixels in the April Issue and I am so glad to be a part of it!  Can't reveal what it is, but it is a beauty! So if you get a chance, grab the April Issue on April 15th at Papers and Pixels, you won't be disappointed!

It was a light drawing week last week and I have two new stamps, besides the freebie for you, so , here we go!

More Butterflies and Flowers!

Three Butterflies

AND the Manic Monday Freebie is:

Funky Floral VII
I just love these types of drawings.  As a matter of fact, I am going to do this one up for a piece of kitchen wall art for Cacie, because it reminds me of the patterns on her kitchen dishes!  Ill post it when it is done and you all can have a little peek before I mail it off to her!

Funky Floral VII
$3.00 (After Saturday, til then it is FREE!)  Just click   here   to go and get it!

All of these stamps, plus any other new releases for the month of March can be found in the New Products Section of the shop.

Well, this has been a short and sweet post, cause 1. Im tired and sore, 2.  I have to make coffee, 3.  I can't for the life of me remember the Funny Mark told me yesterday, and 4.  Well, the dog wants what all dogs want, more attention!  So, Im off to do only goodness knows what with this beautiful day, which wont be much because I can't do too much yet.  (oh Darn, Mark is gonna have to run the dryer.....this should be interesting.....and the washer too!  Any bets on how this will work out?)

Til later in the week!
Catch you on the Flip,

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  1. Very good news that your shoulder is feeling better. Just don't overdo it girl....take it easy. 8-)
    Thank you for the very beautiful funky flower it!!!

  2. Love your lovely digis, esp. the butterflies as I'm a butterfly freak. Thanks so much for sharing with us non talented ones.



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