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Monday, March 19, 2012

Manic Monday has turned into FRANTIC MONDAY today!

Hello Again Everyone!

Well, finally, after 18 hours of driving (one way, including Naps) 4 days in Sunny Florida, 18 hours driving back, I am HOME!  Nothing like my nice comfy bed, which I haven't seen yet!  But soon, after the laundry, the drawing, the regular work, washing the dog, doing the dishes, all the housework, and other what nots!  Vacation gives one noooooo rest, I assure you!  But we did get to visit with 3 of the 4 children!  We visited the other one last weekend in Knoxville, so we have been well traveled this month!  Whew, Im glad we don't leave again til the end of May....I need a vacation from vacation!

So, in celebration of being BACK from Vacation,,,,I decided one category was not enough to put on sale, so I said, What the Heck, Put the entire store on sale....So, the entire store is on sale!  30% off of every item on the shelves, and Yes, you can use the BOGO coupon as well!  What a deal!

Anywho,  Ive added 2 new items this am, one of which is the "FRANTIC MONDAY" FREEBIE!

And here she is:
Butterflies and Flowers:

There are a couple more Butterfly images coming so be on the lookout!  This beauty can be yours for free until Saturday at Midnight!  After that it reverts back to $3.00

Next up is
A Pretty Sprig of Flowers:

Lovely flowers!

Now, this post is gonna be short and sweet, cause I gotta get some sleep, but I have to share with you some great wisdom from my 15 yr old son.  Boy is this kid a genius (LOL).  He actually is very very intelligent, but somehow, when he and Mark are around each other, something happens to the both of them.  Just sayin!

Little story:

We were driving down Pinellas Park Blvd, after picking Ed up for the day, and traffic coming into Seminole was backed up something awful (good thing we left early so we missed it on the incoming trip).  Mark made a comment, something to the effect of....Good thing we left early so we missed it on the income trip.  Hmmmmmm.  Ed, being the brilliant child that he is.... says from the back seat, after looking up from his new phone,  "Yep, that traffic will all be gone once it clears up."  The boy is brilliant I tell you.  Now he said this so matter-of-factly, plain, and without any fanfair.  I could not stop laughing, and Mark has the most hilarious look on his face.  I thought he was gonna bust.  He just had to say, Yep, Ed, it will.....and how he managed to do it without laughing, I will never know. Im just glad his sister Rena was not in the car, or goodness help me, all three of them would be spouting this type of wisdom....and I can only take so much wisdom in one day....

Well, it is off to finish the housework, and then take a well deserved a 5 hour nap.....hope Mark gets some rest at work! (like, NOT)  He never even got to hit the bed!

I do hope you like your Frantic Monday Freebie!  And make sure you check out the sale, good until Saturday at Midnight!

Catch you on the Flip,
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  1. Happy to hear you had good family time and funny thoughts in the car :)
    Thank you for the freebie!

  2. I do know what you mean about need a vacation from your vacation. Just so much to do when you get back home. Sounds like you will sleep good tonight. Thank you for the beautiful image!!

  3. The butterflies and flowers image is beautiful! Kids - don't you just love them!!!
    Thank you for the freebie and the big smile!

  4. Freebie!! How nice!
    Wanted to thank you for sponsoring my DT teams challenges @ the Perfect Sentiment! Looking forward to playing with your digi's!


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