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Monday, April 30, 2012

MANIC MONDAY! An additional Sale, New Products and some great eye candy AND The Winner!

***Post had been updated***

Happy Manic Monday to you all!  Yes, I have my coffee, both computers up and running and uploading new goodies as we speak!  I have some great guy designs that would be perfect for Father's Day!  Especially if your Dad likes fishing!

***This Weeks Category Sale in addition to the Flowers/Floral Sale that is going on until May 14th - The Category most voted is FRAMES!  All Items in the FRAMES category will be 25% off until Saturday, May 5th !  So get them while they are on sale!***

As you all are aware, I have been published in the Fabulous Papers and Pixels Magazine!  And I want to let all of you know that you can purchase select digis (by me) at the Papers and Pixels Shop.  But I really wanted to tell you this, Papers and Pixels offers Card Kits - the whole shebang, paper, digis, embellies and everything to complete a fab card!  Laura has a kit available for this Fabulous Card!

You get everything you need!  All you need to is color with your chosen medium and assemble!  Great for those of you that don't want a pile of "stash" just for one or two cards.  
There is also a card kit for this great masculine Card!

With The Paren't Days Fast approching, wouldn't this be perfect for Dad!  The kit comes with everything you need!  Just assemble and go!  Easy Peasy!
The Prices are Fantastic and Laura's Designs are to die for!  So, if you haven't visited Papers and Pixels, you should!  You can get straight to the kits HERE!
Im telling you straight out, Papers and Pixels is now my new go to source for tutorials, templates, great advice, and even better reading!  I do hope you pay Laura and Chris a visit at Papers and Pixels!  You won't be sorry!

 Sir Markus has drawn the winner for the 2nd Set of Shaded Flower Borders!  The winner is RUPA!  Rupa, please email me at admin@floppylattedesigns to claim your digi set!

Now on to the new products!
Here are some fabby digi stamps I came up with for the Men/Father's Day Category!  I do hope you likes!

First up!  Fishing Lures (yeah, the name is not tooooo original, but hey, they ARE Fishing Lures LOL)

And here is a lovely bit of eye candy for this card, by Stef, that fabulous Glitterbabe!

Love the sparkly on this one!  

Next up, Fishing Frame (another completely...ORIGINAL NAME!)

Even more original, is Stef's sample on this image.....You gotta admit, this lady is one creative cookie!

Love the bling for bubbles!  So creative!

And Finally, Fishing Note - do you see a pattern here.  I am sure I will get a virtual knock on the head for these names lol!

And as always, Stef puts up with me and my digis by producing another lovely sample!

The Embossing on this card is AWESOME!  And her quote is just toooo perfect for her card!
Hats off to Stef for doing such a lovely job!

And one more by Stef on a product released last week!  She keeps me on my toes!

Oval Framed Flowers!
OH how I love this one!  The pinks and greens make me happy LOL!  and her coloring is fab as always!  Mother's Day here we come!

More News concerning the Fabulous Glitterbabe!  You can now begin purchasing Glitterbabe images at Floppy Latte's Digital Designs! (well, you will be able to as soon as I get them all set up!)  I am so pleased to have Stef in my shop, makes me happier than a baker in the butter isle!

You can find all the new images under New Products, at the shop!

Now, the part you all have been waiting for!  The Manic Monday Freebie!  Since the additional Category sale is in the Frames Category, I thought it might be nice to make the Manic Monday Freebie a Frame as well!  Soooooooo, this week, it is........

Perfect for Mother's Day, or any occasion!

Just head on over to the shop, and check the Specials Sidebox!  There it will be and it will be Free until Saturday Night at Midnight E.S.T!

Now, usually this is where I put in the Funny for the Week.....been running a dry spell lately.  With all the worry about our jobs, funny has taken a back seat but I am sure that I will get back on the roll soon enough, heck, Ed is coming for the ENTIRE SUMMER, and his lovely sister, my daughter Rena will be here as well, and when you put Mark, Ed, and Rena in the same buggy, on a mountain adventure, with firecrackers, hot dogs and smores, plus a little trap shooting, mud holes, tadpoles, and camping, you KNOW I will get some great material! (and probably a new first aid kit, and pay down the insurance deductible!)  Does anyone have a set of full body armour?  As the photog in the bunch, I may have to get into the fray to get you all some great pics.  If you have any, send it to me!  Size is not an issue,  for safety's sake I will squeeze into anything! :-)

Well, that is about it for today!  Got a jam packed day and should have gotten started yesterday on it!  Nothing like the fantastic art of PROCRASTINATION!
Catch you on the flip!
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Product Releases and Samples!!!

Happy Thursday all!  Well, it is a stormy stormy day here today so guess what!  You all get new products!!!!!!
AND the drawing for this new pack will be  held Sunday!  Sooo Keep your eyes peeled on Monday to find out the winner!  I had so many great suggestions on what to call the mystery flower, and I put some of them together to come up with "Eight Foxy Sisters" for the Foxglove flowers! Soooo Without further ADO, here they all are in all of their glory.....and you will be happy to know that Stef has approved all the names!  Yeah for Glitterbabe!

Eight Foxy Sisters!

Wild Blossom Vine Shaded Flower Border

Glorious Morning Glories Shaded Flower Borders

And here is a lovely example done up by None Other Than Glitterbabe using Glorious Morning Glories!  I love the long look of this card!  It is elegant!

Happy Snapdragons Shaded Flower Border

Fancy Fuscia Shaded Flower Border

and The Complete Set!  This one is up for grabs when Sir Markus Draws from all the comments on my last post!  So stay tuned on Monday for the winner!

And A Flower Frame!

All of these products can be found under New Products at the Shop!

Last Monday I released a Fathers Day type image and Stef has created this great great Dad Card with it!
This is exactly what I had envisioned when I came up with this image!  She is a mind reader!

I do hope you like all the new products!  Again, stay tuned on Monday for more new goodies!!!!!!

Catch you on the Flip!
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy MANIC MONDAY! Flowers/Florals Sales still going on and it's Pick Your MM Freebie Week!


Happy MANIC MONDAY to you all!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  Mine was a full one!  Watching the yard get mowed, watching the garden get watered, watching the breakfast get made, watching the dog get a bath, watching the bird feeder get filled.....lots of watching,,,,made me tired! :-)  But all that watching did give me a chance to do a bit of picture taking and drawing/sketching and what not!

So, I sent some of my images over to the Fabulous Stef.  More shaded florals.....and well, there was one that um, she had to really look at to determine what it was.  So, I thought, self, why don't you put it up, and have your customers/readers give it a go and see if they like it, and if they like it, name it, and then have a little giveaway!  So, Stef thought that was a great idea!  Great minds and all that you know!  So before we get to the Freebie for the week, here is a peek at the drawing.  And here is how the giveaway will go.  Post a comment on this post with the following: What is it?, A good Name for it,  Like/don't like, why if you don't like (it is OK, I never take it it market research :-), and what you would name it.  On Saturday, I will compile the suggestions (the Likes and the Don't Likes, no one is excluded for their opinion!)  and pull one winner from a hat....Sir Markus will do the drawing to keep it fair, and that person will win the entire new set of Floral Border Stamps.  I'm in the process of finishing up the last set as I type this so it will make its debut sometime this week in a mid week  post.  So, without further yakking, here it is:

Let me know what you think!

Now a bit of eye candy!

Here is a card that was done by Laura Boetto, that lovely Editor over at Papers and Pixels, using one of my floral frame images!  She said this was a quickie, and if it is, I can't wait to see it after a "proper" working up! :-)

I think it is simply stunning! Laura, thank you for sharing this with me!   Love love love your work!  To see more of Laura's work, and the work of some really talented artists, why  not subscribe to Papers and Pixels and be treated each and every month to great tutorials, eyecandy, great interviews, tips, and techniques!  It is a great magazine for all types of crafters!

Next item of business!  I try to have a category sale every week, and I thought it would be fun for you all to pick the next sale category (which will begin Next Monday, along with the Flowers/Florals category sale that runs all month.)  Here is where I need your help!  If you grab the Manic Monday Freebie, put a comment on the invoice, (as a lot of  you already do! And I must say Thank you so much for that!), and tell me what category you would like to see on sale for 25% off.  The category with the greatest number of votes will be the next Sale Category.

New Image for Father's Day!
Here is a snappy card front for Dad on his special day!  Men are so difficult to make cards and images for soooo, I came up with this!

I like it, Mark liked it, and I am sure my Dad will love it!  You can find it under Father's Day Category and also under New Products in the shop!

Now I bet  you are ready for your Manic Monday Freebie!  I have to say that I had hoped to have a second Father's Day image ready for you, but dang it all, I got this terrible blister on my drawing hand and now I cant even move my finger!  So this week I am letting you choose your FREEBIE!  That's Always Fun! Your MANIC MONDAY freebie coupon code is MMAPR23.  It is worth $3.00.  So pick away!  This coupon will be valid until Saturday Night at Midnight E.S.T!

This week has been stressful on Mark and I and I do apologize for not having the weekly funny.  With the coal business getting scary we are both scared for our jobs!  But we keep plugging away and will come through this will flying colors!  We are strong and we take care of each other!  So, instead of a funny this week, and I don't mean to offend anyone in any manner, but think about all the Coal Miners that are on the edge of losing their jobs in this field when you turn on your lights, computer, tv, or other device that uses electricity.  73% of the Nation gets it's electricity from Coal, and most of that coal is mined here in SE Kentucky!  Now I know it may not be politically or environmentally correct to say that Coal is important, but for now, it is what we use to power our lives and feed our children.  I may lose a customer or two, our jobs and our entire county are fed by the Coal Fields, and I don't mind saying it.  Ok, Im off the box now.

I hope you all have a fabulous week!  Ill be here drawing, working, and generally doing what a Floppy Latte does during the week.....consuming lots and lots of coffee!
Catch you on the Flip,

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Its MANIC MONDAY TIME! A sale on Flowers/Floral Category, and some Eyecandy by GlitterBabe!

***Flowers/Floral Category Sale going on til May 14th - 50% off any item in the Flowers/Floral Category ONLY*** 

Happy Manic Monday Everyone!  I hope you had a lovely weekend! (Dang that washer buzzer!) Oh the loveliness of Monday Wash Day!  By the time you all read this I will be out and about on a mission today!  Well, PT anyway!  Not much of a mission!

Finally!  All the New Floral Cap Nouveau Monograms are loaded up on the shelves!  And, I already have another set in the works, in the Funky Floral Style, but I only have a few letters sketched out!  This one probably wont be ready til sometime in the next two months....Lots of pencil and eraser work to do first!  Also, I have loaded up a new crop of Shaded Flower Borders, and I am even offering them in a Set at a savings.  Now the individual stamps are on sale, but the set isnt, but if you want all six, buy them separately, as it will be cheaper with the sale on! Wanna See?

And take a little peek at what Stef came up with for Shaded Flower Border VI!

This is simply adorable!  It makes me think of Summertime and fresh Strawberry Ice Cream!  Stef, this is fantastic!  Love the colors and your jeweled embellies!  You Rock Lady!

***NOTE - to see an untemplated (is that a word) version, please visit Stef's Blog at  I have gone to putting Stef's Beautiful Creations on Templates to try to limit the amount of my stamps and Stef's fantastic creations that MAY be lifted.  Yes, there are thieves out there that have stolen work before.  Not mine, but it may happen and I am trying to help prevent that!  So anywho, that is the reason for the templates!

And here is the Set!

And the first one of the next set!

Now the one here right above is not included in the set, as I am working on 5 more so once they are done, it will go into the next set!
You can find all of the new products in the New Products Section of my shop.

Ok, now on to the most important thing that happens on Monday.....Ohhhh Yes, that Freebie!

This week it is Simple Ruffled Hibiscus!  Yep, Im back in that Flower mode again!

Just pop on over to the shop, and check out the Specials box on the left hand side, and there she is!  Free until Saturday Midnight E.S.T!

Now, on to a few other LOVELY creations by the Fabulous Glitterbabe!

Stef, as always, does a fantastic job with  my images!  I love both of these cards!  The colors, the layouts, and she always adds her personal style to everything she does!  She is WonderCardWoman!

Again, to see full sized versions, please pay Stef a visit at her blog,

Since I made such a long post yesterday, I am keeping this one short and sweet!  Im drilling Sir Markus for a funny, and yet, he is leaving me high and dry in the humor department.  I can't even trick him into one!  Never fear, Im sure he will come through!  BUT.....I would like to share with you a story he relayed to me about his last meeting at a job he is doing.  

Mark works for a mining contractor, we will call it  MINES R US.
Mark has a boss, we will call him....ok BOSS
Mark has to attend important meetings on Wednesday at the Processing Plant we will call COAL FOR U, where he is presently doing some work.

Meeting:   Yadda, yadda, yadda.....
Boss:  Hello
Boss's Daughter on the other end (frantic)
(Conversation, not quoted but as relayed to me by Sir Markus)
Boss's Daughter:  I caught this fish and the hook is all the way through his mouth.....OMG, what do I do????? (now her frantic tone can be heard in the meeting room....full of dirty, coal covered men that WISH they could be out fishing as well.)
Boss:  (gets up and moves to the other side of the room)  Calm down honey, its just a fish hook, cut the line and pull the hook out from inside.
Boss's Daughter:  But won't that hurt the fish?  What about catching another one?
Boss:  (Having that dazed and confused look that is so common among men)  Ok, you already hooked it, taking the hook out isn't going to do anything else to that fish.  Get another hook, or retie that one.
Now remember that this all took place in a meeting that involves a multimillion dollar project!  
Mark:  Well, now, how about that tunnel project?  (you know he has a smirk on his face, while looking at BOSS and wondering....not sure what he was wondering, but Im sure it was something.)  My
 thought would be.....What are they teaching girls these days about fishing?  Not even gonna go there! LOL!  

Ok, so it wasn't really a funny, but it was interesting!

Now, after all these stories, and all the funnies, do you want to know what Mark Looks Like?  Well, let me introduce you to Sir Markus (Given Name:  Mark......and a few other ones LOL)

Me, the pretty one (I have my Rose Colored Glasses on LOL) , and Mark, the supremely handsome man (no glasses needed to see that!)  Now you know Sir Markus!  (Although, he is skinnier now, as am I, he still is the most handsome man in the entire world!

Ok Enough!  LOL!  

I hope you all have a great week, and I thank you all for stopping by and sharing my little part of the world!  Next week, Garden Pictures!  Woot!
Catch you on the Flip,
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Manic Monday (a day early), A BIG Sale, a few announcements, etc!

UPDATE:  With the new store rebuild, some of the new products I added didn't carry over.  All of the Floral Cap Nouveau Monograms are now loaded!  (Yeah!) and I will be adding more new product as the day goes by, as soon as I identify which ones did not upload correctly!  
Thanks to you all for your patience and understanding!

Happy Sunday to you all!  Yes, you read right, this post is a day early!  This is beause I have some announcements to make and I wanted them to be timely.  HOWEVER, the MANIC MONDAY FREEBIE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE until Monday, as usual.

First, lets take care of the announcements!

Wooo Hooooo...the April Edition of Papers and Pixels is out!  And I am in it!  There is a really nice article, a great ad, lots of card samples and there is even a goodie for you if you are subscribed and pay attention to the ad!  For those of you that are not subscribed, hey, I would not leave you out on such a special occasion!  Sooooo right now, in honor of Papers and Pixels, Spring, and just cause I want to, I have set every Floral in the Florals/Flowers category in the shop to 50% off.  Yes you read that right, 50% off.  And I have added quite a few new ones to the category as well!

Really, ladies (and gents), you would be doing yourself a great service if you popped over and subscribed!  Or even just bought the April Issue!  Tons of coupons, tutorials, freebies, and great informative articles are waiting!  At $1.00 and issue ($12.00  yearly subscription) or $1.50 for a single issue, you can't beat the value!  And the following freebie is available from me, only for subscribers to the magazine.

Butterflies and Flowers II

This lovely image goes along with all of the other images available in this style at my shop.  However, the only way you can get this one is to be a subscriber to Papers and Pixels, or purchase the April Edition.  Again, I don't get anything out of it, I just love the magazine!

Next Announcement!
A select amount of my stamps will be available for purchase at Papers and Pixels!  There will be 12 in rotation each month or so (Some being exclusive to Papers and Pixels only!) AND, they have card kits available using my digis!  How cool is that!  It is a kit, with a preprinted digi, ready for you to color with your favorite medium, and all the goodies necessary to make the finished card!  Paper, ribbon, embellies, the entire nine yards (so to speak!)  At a great price!  So, if you don't want to spend tons of money on buying packs of STUFF to make a card, check out the Papers and Pixels shop (and click on card kits)  and get a card kit, and you are all set!  There are also tutorials on making the card as well!

Okies, now that I have had my 15 minutes of fame, on to the MANIC MONDAY FREEBIE (remember, you can't get it until MONDAY!)

Simple Ruffled Hibiscus!

Pretty Pretty, and best of all FREE for a week (Until Saturday Night at Midnight E.S.T)

Just click on either the title above or the shop and look for the big Specials Box!

And you all may notice the store looks a bit different.  I did an upgrade and a little redesign!  Functions the same, just I like the look  now!

Now, I don't have a funny ready today.  Mark is having a dry spell lol!  Im sure that it will be cured in the next day or so!  It is usually a two or three day illness! Never fear, he always comes through, or else I end up making a fool out of myself over something or other and then, well, I guess I will use that!

Please remember:  the MANIC MONDAY FREEBIE IS NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL MONDAY E.S.T.!  I know this is gonna cause confusion and I just want to try to avoid it.  If you are not able to see it right away, it is probably because of the time zone differences.  Just give it a while and as soon as it is Monday here in good ole Kentucky, the MANIC MONDAY FREEBIE will be ready for you all!

I hope you all have enjoyed all this!  I can't wait to get my copy of Papers and Pixels!  I hope you do get at least the April Edition!  You will not be sorry!

Catch you on the Flip,

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The time slipped right by me!

Hello and Happy Thursday everybody!  Yes, time has gotten away from me again!  I wanted to tell you all that ther are sneak peeks going on at the Papers and Pixels Blog!  Ohhhh and mine went up today!  You all might want to go over and have a peek cause there is a ummmmm, little goodie that you could pick up that might give you a reason to shop!  Gotta love those goodies!

You can find the Papers and Pixels blog by going to Papers and Pixels and clicking on their blog link!

Another bit of a news flash!  I had a massive issue with the shop and did a massive rebuild yesterday and today, and good news, all is back to normal.  Yes, the shop may look a little different, but as far as I can tell, it all works like a charm!  Same store time, same store channel, just updated to the newest version of Zen Cart, did a little redesigning and viola!  Good as new!

Well, it is off to try to play some music now, and relax with the Mr. and the Snoochmeisteress!

Also, the 25% off Sale is still going on until Saturday!  And then a special sale to coincide with my article in Papers and Pixels Magazine that will Start on Sunday, the 15th!

Oh and don't forget, there will be a great announcement and addition over at Papers and Pixels, and I can tell you this much, Floppy Latte's Digital Designs is a part of it! (in addition to the wonderfully informative article that will enlighten you to most of my quirkyness!)

Off to the keyboard and a bit of musical relaxation!
Catch you on the Flip,
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Manic Monday.....Another Sale....A pretty Card by Stef and a Funny!

Ok everyone....I have found the problem, and it isn't with me, it is with my hosting company!  They are working on it as we speak!  So just give them a little bit to get it worked out!  Then all will be back to normal!  Yes this has turned out to be a True Manic Monday!  Thank you all for your assistance!

Happy Manic Monday to you all!  I hope everyone had a Joyous EasterHoliday!  I did, visiting family up on the 'Lick. (Cloverlick, Kentucky)  We drove the buggy, and it was such a beautiful day!

Well, it is Monday again,  April is almost 1/2 way over and the garden is sprouting nicely!  We have to refill the bird feeder nearly everyday, and Sir Markus is gonna have to build me a stand for my camera so I can shoot photos of the birds from the Attic Window!  Perfect view and I don't scare the birds off!

On to the goodies at hand!

Officially, the Floral Nouveau Monograms to the Letter P are uploaded and on the store shelves this am!  I have a few more done, but I like to upload in groups of 5, so I have two more to do and I will upload the next 5 for you!

A small note as well:  You all may have noticed that the blog posts are coming on Monday morning, after 7 a.m. EST.  I have taken to not using the computer on the weekends so that I can spend more quality time with Sir Markus.  So never fear, Monday will have a post, it will just be after I have had my cup of coffee!

Ok, back to business!  Stef has sent me another lovely lovely card using one of my newer images!  I better get off my duff and send her the monograms, or she is gonna email herself to me and whip me good!

This is sooooooo pretty!  I love the paper and all the pinks Stef used!  She always does such a fantastic job!  Gotta love that Glitterbabe!

Now, what you all have been waiting for!  The MANIC MONDAY FREEBIE!
This is a step out of the flower box for me, but I think she turned out simply lovely!  Let me introduce Lady Reading!

A vintage image, redrawn with pretty detail on her dress!  Im liking this image for wall art, maybe in a Black and White, with one single accent color, maybe on her circlet! (the headpiece).  I do hope you all enjoy her!  She is yours, FREE until Saturday Night at Midnight so be sure to grab her before she goes up to $3.00 on Sunday! You can find her in the Vintage Category at the shop.

Now, on to another funny happening in the neverending saga at the Gill/McKnight Household!

WalMart Dairy Isle Camera!

About a month ago, Sir Markus and I traveled to Norton VA, (where the nearest Super WalMart is) and did a little shopping. See, they are the only store around that has my absolute FAVORITE coffee  creamers.  Coconut Creme and Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream Flavors, so we go on a Creamer Run when I start running low.  It is a dangerous thing for me to be without my favorite creamers, especially on the weekends!  Anywho, we are strolling through the Dairy Section, me looking for my creamers, and Sir Markus, merrily singing to himself a song to which I can not think of the name right now, and I hear from behind a "Woooooooow" in that singing style, jiving arms thrown in as well!  Yep, it was Mark, and he was just a grinning and a singing away!  See, he does this to me to see if I am paying attention.....I ALWAYS pay attention!  We laughed and looked around to see if anyone else heard his musical outburst.  Nope, no one even bothered to raise and eyebrow (he is really a good good singer, makes the instore piped in music sound bad.)  Well, we began to they really use those cameras that no one is supposed to know about and did they see or hear that?  Nah....we didn't think they did.   So with creamer in cart, a few packs of quality sliced cheese, paper plates, sausage, bacon, and a few other what nots in the cart we toddled on over to the kitchen section to look at coffee makers.  I really wanted to show him one of those single cup brewers, you know, for the night time cup of coffee when you really don't want to make a whole pot, cause then you will drink it and be up all night in the bathroom.  Well, we were looking, he was balking at the prices, and blowing my new coffee pot dreams into small meaningless grounds, and he gets the strangest look on his face....He says "listen to that song."  And by goodness, it was the exact same song that he was singing in the dairy isle, and that "WWWOOOOOWWWW" lyric was quite loud.......Yep, I think those cameras saw him jiving in the dairy Isle and they played it for him so he could do his singing in the kitchen department as well.  I just know the security camera crew was in their little room, laughing their hind ends off at him and wanted to see if he would do that trick again.  We busted out laughing and hoped that no one from the Dairy Isle recognized us!

We continued our shopping, laughing and giggling about it throughout WalMart, and thinking, better refrain from those types of outbursts in the future! (He won't, he hasn't, and I think our local grocery store sees him coming so they put on Bing Crosby and the like, and Yes, you got it, he sings in the Produce Section and Cereal Isles as well!)  Never a dull moment with Sir Markus around!

Well, I got a ton of stuff on my desk today, which by the way, has been cleaned and straightened and organized, and now I can't find a darned thing!  I hope to have the rest of the monograms caps done for you this week.  And My mom is on the phone LOL....This could take a while!

Hope you all have a great great Monday!
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