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Monday, April 16, 2012

Its MANIC MONDAY TIME! A sale on Flowers/Floral Category, and some Eyecandy by GlitterBabe!

***Flowers/Floral Category Sale going on til May 14th - 50% off any item in the Flowers/Floral Category ONLY*** 

Happy Manic Monday Everyone!  I hope you had a lovely weekend! (Dang that washer buzzer!) Oh the loveliness of Monday Wash Day!  By the time you all read this I will be out and about on a mission today!  Well, PT anyway!  Not much of a mission!

Finally!  All the New Floral Cap Nouveau Monograms are loaded up on the shelves!  And, I already have another set in the works, in the Funky Floral Style, but I only have a few letters sketched out!  This one probably wont be ready til sometime in the next two months....Lots of pencil and eraser work to do first!  Also, I have loaded up a new crop of Shaded Flower Borders, and I am even offering them in a Set at a savings.  Now the individual stamps are on sale, but the set isnt, but if you want all six, buy them separately, as it will be cheaper with the sale on! Wanna See?

And take a little peek at what Stef came up with for Shaded Flower Border VI!

This is simply adorable!  It makes me think of Summertime and fresh Strawberry Ice Cream!  Stef, this is fantastic!  Love the colors and your jeweled embellies!  You Rock Lady!

***NOTE - to see an untemplated (is that a word) version, please visit Stef's Blog at  I have gone to putting Stef's Beautiful Creations on Templates to try to limit the amount of my stamps and Stef's fantastic creations that MAY be lifted.  Yes, there are thieves out there that have stolen work before.  Not mine, but it may happen and I am trying to help prevent that!  So anywho, that is the reason for the templates!

And here is the Set!

And the first one of the next set!

Now the one here right above is not included in the set, as I am working on 5 more so once they are done, it will go into the next set!
You can find all of the new products in the New Products Section of my shop.

Ok, now on to the most important thing that happens on Monday.....Ohhhh Yes, that Freebie!

This week it is Simple Ruffled Hibiscus!  Yep, Im back in that Flower mode again!

Just pop on over to the shop, and check out the Specials box on the left hand side, and there she is!  Free until Saturday Midnight E.S.T!

Now, on to a few other LOVELY creations by the Fabulous Glitterbabe!

Stef, as always, does a fantastic job with  my images!  I love both of these cards!  The colors, the layouts, and she always adds her personal style to everything she does!  She is WonderCardWoman!

Again, to see full sized versions, please pay Stef a visit at her blog,

Since I made such a long post yesterday, I am keeping this one short and sweet!  Im drilling Sir Markus for a funny, and yet, he is leaving me high and dry in the humor department.  I can't even trick him into one!  Never fear, Im sure he will come through!  BUT.....I would like to share with you a story he relayed to me about his last meeting at a job he is doing.  

Mark works for a mining contractor, we will call it  MINES R US.
Mark has a boss, we will call him....ok BOSS
Mark has to attend important meetings on Wednesday at the Processing Plant we will call COAL FOR U, where he is presently doing some work.

Meeting:   Yadda, yadda, yadda.....
Boss:  Hello
Boss's Daughter on the other end (frantic)
(Conversation, not quoted but as relayed to me by Sir Markus)
Boss's Daughter:  I caught this fish and the hook is all the way through his mouth.....OMG, what do I do????? (now her frantic tone can be heard in the meeting room....full of dirty, coal covered men that WISH they could be out fishing as well.)
Boss:  (gets up and moves to the other side of the room)  Calm down honey, its just a fish hook, cut the line and pull the hook out from inside.
Boss's Daughter:  But won't that hurt the fish?  What about catching another one?
Boss:  (Having that dazed and confused look that is so common among men)  Ok, you already hooked it, taking the hook out isn't going to do anything else to that fish.  Get another hook, or retie that one.
Now remember that this all took place in a meeting that involves a multimillion dollar project!  
Mark:  Well, now, how about that tunnel project?  (you know he has a smirk on his face, while looking at BOSS and wondering....not sure what he was wondering, but Im sure it was something.)  My
 thought would be.....What are they teaching girls these days about fishing?  Not even gonna go there! LOL!  

Ok, so it wasn't really a funny, but it was interesting!

Now, after all these stories, and all the funnies, do you want to know what Mark Looks Like?  Well, let me introduce you to Sir Markus (Given Name:  Mark......and a few other ones LOL)

Me, the pretty one (I have my Rose Colored Glasses on LOL) , and Mark, the supremely handsome man (no glasses needed to see that!)  Now you know Sir Markus!  (Although, he is skinnier now, as am I, he still is the most handsome man in the entire world!

Ok Enough!  LOL!  

I hope you all have a great week, and I thank you all for stopping by and sharing my little part of the world!  Next week, Garden Pictures!  Woot!
Catch you on the Flip,
Pin It!

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful flower image!! You are both a very cute couple.


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