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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Manic Monday (a day early), A BIG Sale, a few announcements, etc!

UPDATE:  With the new store rebuild, some of the new products I added didn't carry over.  All of the Floral Cap Nouveau Monograms are now loaded!  (Yeah!) and I will be adding more new product as the day goes by, as soon as I identify which ones did not upload correctly!  
Thanks to you all for your patience and understanding!

Happy Sunday to you all!  Yes, you read right, this post is a day early!  This is beause I have some announcements to make and I wanted them to be timely.  HOWEVER, the MANIC MONDAY FREEBIE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE until Monday, as usual.

First, lets take care of the announcements!

Wooo Hooooo...the April Edition of Papers and Pixels is out!  And I am in it!  There is a really nice article, a great ad, lots of card samples and there is even a goodie for you if you are subscribed and pay attention to the ad!  For those of you that are not subscribed, hey, I would not leave you out on such a special occasion!  Sooooo right now, in honor of Papers and Pixels, Spring, and just cause I want to, I have set every Floral in the Florals/Flowers category in the shop to 50% off.  Yes you read that right, 50% off.  And I have added quite a few new ones to the category as well!

Really, ladies (and gents), you would be doing yourself a great service if you popped over and subscribed!  Or even just bought the April Issue!  Tons of coupons, tutorials, freebies, and great informative articles are waiting!  At $1.00 and issue ($12.00  yearly subscription) or $1.50 for a single issue, you can't beat the value!  And the following freebie is available from me, only for subscribers to the magazine.

Butterflies and Flowers II

This lovely image goes along with all of the other images available in this style at my shop.  However, the only way you can get this one is to be a subscriber to Papers and Pixels, or purchase the April Edition.  Again, I don't get anything out of it, I just love the magazine!

Next Announcement!
A select amount of my stamps will be available for purchase at Papers and Pixels!  There will be 12 in rotation each month or so (Some being exclusive to Papers and Pixels only!) AND, they have card kits available using my digis!  How cool is that!  It is a kit, with a preprinted digi, ready for you to color with your favorite medium, and all the goodies necessary to make the finished card!  Paper, ribbon, embellies, the entire nine yards (so to speak!)  At a great price!  So, if you don't want to spend tons of money on buying packs of STUFF to make a card, check out the Papers and Pixels shop (and click on card kits)  and get a card kit, and you are all set!  There are also tutorials on making the card as well!

Okies, now that I have had my 15 minutes of fame, on to the MANIC MONDAY FREEBIE (remember, you can't get it until MONDAY!)

Simple Ruffled Hibiscus!

Pretty Pretty, and best of all FREE for a week (Until Saturday Night at Midnight E.S.T)

Just click on either the title above or the shop and look for the big Specials Box!

And you all may notice the store looks a bit different.  I did an upgrade and a little redesign!  Functions the same, just I like the look  now!

Now, I don't have a funny ready today.  Mark is having a dry spell lol!  Im sure that it will be cured in the next day or so!  It is usually a two or three day illness! Never fear, he always comes through, or else I end up making a fool out of myself over something or other and then, well, I guess I will use that!

Please remember:  the MANIC MONDAY FREEBIE IS NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL MONDAY E.S.T.!  I know this is gonna cause confusion and I just want to try to avoid it.  If you are not able to see it right away, it is probably because of the time zone differences.  Just give it a while and as soon as it is Monday here in good ole Kentucky, the MANIC MONDAY FREEBIE will be ready for you all!

I hope you all have enjoyed all this!  I can't wait to get my copy of Papers and Pixels!  I hope you do get at least the April Edition!  You will not be sorry!

Catch you on the Flip,

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  1. Hey Jess: Just wanted to say congrats on the article! I read it LATE last night! That is so awesome that you'll be selling digis through Paper and Pixels and also have your images included in the kits . . . AWESOME! I'm thrilled for you. Your designs are gorgeous! Thank you too for the exclusive freebie and tia for the Manic Monday one tomorrow! Am quickly (ha) going to shop in your store because I want to play today and get off this darned computer! Hugs, Charlene

  2. Thank you so much Charlene for your lovely compliments! You are a doll!

    Make sure to check your email, I send you some more shopping assistance!

  3. Great article and I got my freebie :)Now if only I could color good LOL


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