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Monday, April 9, 2012

Manic Monday.....Another Sale....A pretty Card by Stef and a Funny!

Ok everyone....I have found the problem, and it isn't with me, it is with my hosting company!  They are working on it as we speak!  So just give them a little bit to get it worked out!  Then all will be back to normal!  Yes this has turned out to be a True Manic Monday!  Thank you all for your assistance!

Happy Manic Monday to you all!  I hope everyone had a Joyous EasterHoliday!  I did, visiting family up on the 'Lick. (Cloverlick, Kentucky)  We drove the buggy, and it was such a beautiful day!

Well, it is Monday again,  April is almost 1/2 way over and the garden is sprouting nicely!  We have to refill the bird feeder nearly everyday, and Sir Markus is gonna have to build me a stand for my camera so I can shoot photos of the birds from the Attic Window!  Perfect view and I don't scare the birds off!

On to the goodies at hand!

Officially, the Floral Nouveau Monograms to the Letter P are uploaded and on the store shelves this am!  I have a few more done, but I like to upload in groups of 5, so I have two more to do and I will upload the next 5 for you!

A small note as well:  You all may have noticed that the blog posts are coming on Monday morning, after 7 a.m. EST.  I have taken to not using the computer on the weekends so that I can spend more quality time with Sir Markus.  So never fear, Monday will have a post, it will just be after I have had my cup of coffee!

Ok, back to business!  Stef has sent me another lovely lovely card using one of my newer images!  I better get off my duff and send her the monograms, or she is gonna email herself to me and whip me good!

This is sooooooo pretty!  I love the paper and all the pinks Stef used!  She always does such a fantastic job!  Gotta love that Glitterbabe!

Now, what you all have been waiting for!  The MANIC MONDAY FREEBIE!
This is a step out of the flower box for me, but I think she turned out simply lovely!  Let me introduce Lady Reading!

A vintage image, redrawn with pretty detail on her dress!  Im liking this image for wall art, maybe in a Black and White, with one single accent color, maybe on her circlet! (the headpiece).  I do hope you all enjoy her!  She is yours, FREE until Saturday Night at Midnight so be sure to grab her before she goes up to $3.00 on Sunday! You can find her in the Vintage Category at the shop.

Now, on to another funny happening in the neverending saga at the Gill/McKnight Household!

WalMart Dairy Isle Camera!

About a month ago, Sir Markus and I traveled to Norton VA, (where the nearest Super WalMart is) and did a little shopping. See, they are the only store around that has my absolute FAVORITE coffee  creamers.  Coconut Creme and Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream Flavors, so we go on a Creamer Run when I start running low.  It is a dangerous thing for me to be without my favorite creamers, especially on the weekends!  Anywho, we are strolling through the Dairy Section, me looking for my creamers, and Sir Markus, merrily singing to himself a song to which I can not think of the name right now, and I hear from behind a "Woooooooow" in that singing style, jiving arms thrown in as well!  Yep, it was Mark, and he was just a grinning and a singing away!  See, he does this to me to see if I am paying attention.....I ALWAYS pay attention!  We laughed and looked around to see if anyone else heard his musical outburst.  Nope, no one even bothered to raise and eyebrow (he is really a good good singer, makes the instore piped in music sound bad.)  Well, we began to they really use those cameras that no one is supposed to know about and did they see or hear that?  Nah....we didn't think they did.   So with creamer in cart, a few packs of quality sliced cheese, paper plates, sausage, bacon, and a few other what nots in the cart we toddled on over to the kitchen section to look at coffee makers.  I really wanted to show him one of those single cup brewers, you know, for the night time cup of coffee when you really don't want to make a whole pot, cause then you will drink it and be up all night in the bathroom.  Well, we were looking, he was balking at the prices, and blowing my new coffee pot dreams into small meaningless grounds, and he gets the strangest look on his face....He says "listen to that song."  And by goodness, it was the exact same song that he was singing in the dairy isle, and that "WWWOOOOOWWWW" lyric was quite loud.......Yep, I think those cameras saw him jiving in the dairy Isle and they played it for him so he could do his singing in the kitchen department as well.  I just know the security camera crew was in their little room, laughing their hind ends off at him and wanted to see if he would do that trick again.  We busted out laughing and hoped that no one from the Dairy Isle recognized us!

We continued our shopping, laughing and giggling about it throughout WalMart, and thinking, better refrain from those types of outbursts in the future! (He won't, he hasn't, and I think our local grocery store sees him coming so they put on Bing Crosby and the like, and Yes, you got it, he sings in the Produce Section and Cereal Isles as well!)  Never a dull moment with Sir Markus around!

Well, I got a ton of stuff on my desk today, which by the way, has been cleaned and straightened and organized, and now I can't find a darned thing!  I hope to have the rest of the monograms caps done for you this week.  And My mom is on the phone LOL....This could take a while!

Hope you all have a great great Monday!
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  1. Hi Jess,

    I Think there may be a problem with your store as the links go to some debt consolidation site.

    Sorry sweetie :(

    Love Mandy xxx

  2. Mandy, I have checked and rechecked the links....Im not getting that error, if you could could you send me the url to the page it directed you to! Im not getting any errors! Thanks so much!

  3. I can't get to the store either.Links aren't working.

  4. Can someone send me the URL to where it is directing you. Im checking in all my different browsers and I keep getting to the store! Thanks so much!

    this is the URL that I got when I clicked on any of the links. It is an ad for a cash advance. I hope you can find the problem easily. Such a headache to do!

  6. Ok guys, just got off the phone, and the links are working as I have already gotten orders! They said it may take up to 24 hours for it to propogate to all of their servers, so if you don't see it just yet, it will be there soon! Thank you all for your patience and support!

  7. I love "Lady Reading" - she's beautiful! Thank you!!!

  8. Your Lady Reading is such a beautiful image....thank you!!! Still smiling about your singing in Wal-mart story. 8-)

  9. Thank you, this is a beautiful lady!!!

  10. "Lady Reading" is a beautiful design Jess, and I really ove the swirls on her dress ... Thank you so much! Love the singing story :o) Helen x


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