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Monday, May 28, 2012

***Manic Monday*** and all that Jazz!

Before I get into my frantic Manic Monday Post, I want to take a  moment to remember the sacrifices of so many men and women that have given it all in defense of our country.  As a veteran, I thank the familes of all of the veterans who are not with us today because they believed in defending our freedoms and lost their lives for that.  They may be gone from us here on earth, but they will live and burn brightly in our hearts forever!
Memorial Day is for them.  I salute you all!

Happy Manic Monday to you all!  This Manic Monday is special because, amid all the hub bub, birthdays, wedding cake to be made (flowers are done, just need to bake now!), and everything else going on, I am officially on VACATION!
We commence to driving to sunny Florida on Wednesday morning at 5 a.m., Snoochie in tow, and picking up Julie in Knoxville, and should be hitting Florida sometime Wednesday evening!  Oh my, I can hardly wait!  Soooooo, because I am going on Vacay, I thought I would give you all another 50% off sale while I am out in the sun, getting my tan on, and simply slowing down for just a spell.  Everything in the shop by me, Floppy, is now 50% off until Sunday at Midnight!  Like a vacay from regular price!

***New Promotion***
I know you all must have tons of Floppy Latte images!  And I happen across them from time to time while I am hopping from blog to blog and I had a thought!  If you use one of my images in a challenge AND you send me a link to that challenge, I will send you a free stamp of your choice!  Yep, you heard me!  Let me know you are using my image and get a free one for your efforts!  Now, it must be a current challenge (no back linking) and you must send me a link to the challenge via email to

Im so excited for this vacation especially!  I get to spend the entire day Thursday, shopping with My mom!  Friday and Saturday, I get to spend all day at St Petersburg Beach!  Plus get to see my little Man Eddie! (I should not call him little, he just turned 15 yesterday!)  I can smell that salt air hitting my face and the sun warming my hair!  I need to recharge and just chill so to speak!

Never fear, I will have internet service!  I just won't be on nearly as much!  I really want to concentrate on recharging the creative batteries and taking a little break, but I will check emails a couple of times a day, so if it takes me longer than 1 hr to respond, Im sittin on the beach!

On to the latest incident!  Last night, as we were having our coffee on the porch, watching the birds, making the rental car reservation, I decided I had to go inside.  Not such a hard thing to do.  I whip out of my chair,  (which is right in front of the LARGE glass sliding doors) and proceed to walk through the vertical blinds.  You see, I had left the door open so that her highness, Snooch could come in and out while we were on the porch.  Now, I have this large knot on my head.  Remember I said that I left the door open?  Well, a little gremlin shut the door on me!  Yep, I did a head first full frontal face slam into the glass!  That little gremlin really got me good!  And he sat there, smoking his wine flavored Black and Mild and did not even attempt to move! (Not that I wanted him to at that point!)  After the intial pain wore off and I quit bawling, I told him he could laugh, because even I know that it HAD to be a funny funny site!  That gremlin checked the bump, sent me to wash my face, and he graciously fixed me another cup of coffee and presented me with not one but two Tylenol, to fend off the headache that was surely on its way!  Gotta love the gremlins!  As for this am, there is a bruise, but nothing my bangs wont cover!  And a really funny picture in my mind of how I looked pulling this accident off!  And to think, Ed and Rena aren't even here yet for the summer and the fun has already started!

Anywho, Marks little surprise party was a hit!  Brent mowed the yard for him, and Netta and I fixed a ton of BBQ and all the sides and a lovely Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing and a large watermelon!  Mark was surprised and very pleased with it all, and he loved his card!  If you didn't get a chance to see it, it is posted in the post previous to this one!  He wanted me to thank you all for the birthday wishes!  They made his day!

Anywho again, I want to show you a card that I got in the mail!

One of my customers, readers, and great crafter, Charlene Mitchell of sent this to me as a thank you for creating a dolphin image!  Yep you guessed it, that is the image!  Needless to say, I was speechless (for a minute) when I got this!  It really made my day to get a card with an image on it that I created!  The card is simply lovely and again, Thank you Charlene!  You made my day!  Please stop over and visit Charlene at her blog and take a look at some of her lovely lovely work!

On now to the Manic Monday Freebie!  Yep, I would not leave that out!
This week it is Dogwood

You can grab this for free until Saturday night at Midnight!  And you can put it in your cart if you are shopping the sale and it will stay free so you don't miss out!

Today, we have a bit of work to finish up on a job we are doing, and of course the laundry, packing, cleaning, advanced bill paying, and what not, and tomorrow, I head out to Harlan for my summer mani and pedi (cause I wanna be pretty for the beach) and hit the road Wednesday morning!  I can't tell you all just how excited I am about this vacay, because there for a while, it looked as if we weren't gonna be able to go!  So you all better be ready when I get back, the creativity will be recharged and Ill be back in mega sketching mode! (and Wedding Cake mode!)

Soooo, on these lovely notes, thank you to all my customers and followers for stopping by!  You all are the reason I do this!

I hope you have a great week!
Catch you on the Flip,

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  1. Enjoy your vacation. Thanks for the sale!

  2. Enjoy and have a great time! Cute image.


  3. thank you for the very lovely image!!

  4. Have a Great Vacation!!! Thank you so much for the pretty Dogwood!

  5. Enjoy your vacation and that is when I start vacation. Dogwood blossoms are my favorite. Hugs Josie

  6. Have a wonderful vacation!


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