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Monday, May 14, 2012

MANIC MONDAY, Multi Category Sales, and New Products!

Happy MANIC MONDAY to everybody!  I hope all the Moms out there had a great Mother's Day!  I sure did, even though I have been and still am ill with this cold/flu!  I had a great breakfast prepared by Sir Markus!  Then we visited with Leonard, Sir Markus' dad, Mark and his brother Mike, played lovely guitar music and sang for us for a couple of hours, we took the Scout back to its home, and replaced it in the garage with Sir Markus' open wheel modified race car, that I hope will see new life as a street stock or limited late model in the near future!  Now, as I was sick during all of this moving and shaking, I got to witness a "Red Neck Rollback" car loading adventure, which involved lots of moving around of a trailer, pushing the race car with a 4 wheeler, two brawny men bouncing up and down on a trailer trying to get the wheels of the loaded car lined up, lots of joking around and 4 very tired arms from using a come along to winch that car on the trailer about an inch at a time!  I'm glad I was sitting down for all of this, cause just watching it made me soooooo tired!  It was a good time though as I got in a few good laughs, which did a lot to make me feel better at the time!

Business News:
TELL A FRIEND OPTION:  This option has been disabled in the store as it is a perfect avenue for spammers/hackers.  I spent the day Saturday blocking IP's that were simply trying to spam the store and my customers.   If anyone ever receives an email from an unknown address that is claiming to tell  you about a product from my shop, please report it to me so that I can block the IP from the store.  Zen Cart has disabled the TELL A FRIEND OPTION, but the hackers/spammers are smart and they sometimes can get around it very easily so I try to take every precaution, including reporting them and blocking IP ranges as I can find them.  Just another way I keep you all and your information safe!

Other news:  I finally purchased my son's airplane tickets for his summer visit to Kentucky!  This is the 1st time he will be flying all by himself!  He is so excited!  He is basically packed and ready, preserved rattlesnake head key chain (his lucky flying charm,,,,you should see the security ladies faces when this goes through the scanner, they won't even touch it LOL), and all!  He will be here in less than one month and will be adventuring here all summer!  We are going to be giving him his first driving lessons here so I know this summers blog posts will be a hoot, and even contain video!  I have it all planned out!  Ed is turning 15 on the 27th of May (my how time flies) and as a side note, Snooch the DIVA dog will be turning 15 on the same day, as well as Sir Markus (he's not 15 but we will say he is a handsome 29 with just a few year experience!)  Three birthdays all on the same day, not to mention, Cacie (Mark's Daughter) will be 21 on the 25th and My mom's birthday is on the 21st!  Can I get a little help here LOL!

Ok, enough chit chat lol, I could go on all day!  Being sick has given me a great excuse to stay bundled up in my fuzzy bathrobe and slippers, sip tea, and sit in my chair at my desk and draw (in the midst of sneezing, coughing, and all that jazz)  So, I have quite a few new products for you today.

This week, I am having a MULTI Category Sale!  Selected Items in the following Categories will be 25% off for the week!


First off the truck is a set of 12, yes 12 (cause there is 12 LOL) Kanji Symbols for the Zodiac.  And here they are:

Whew, what a list!  I had a request for these quite a while back and well, now they have arrived and are waiting for you on the shop shelves!

Now, for those of you who may be interested, I have joined up with a source that helps me put your name into Kanji, along with the meaning of each of the symbols.  I work with them and can produce a lovely stamp for you if you like.  Each stamp is $4.00 and includes the Kanji symbols, meaning and your name.  You could do so many things with this!  Also, if you have a favorite phrase, word or sentiment that you would like, I can also put that together for you.  Those stamps would also range between $4.00 and $6.00, depending on the complexity of the drawing! I actually draw/paint the Kanji symbols for you! Just a little bit of special service for you all.  If you are interested, please email me at and put Kanji Request in the subject line!  Simply tell me what you are looking to get and I will get back to you right away!  I can have proof artwork ready for you in 24 hours.  Kanji make great wall art as well as vinyl decals (which I can produce as well , in white only at this time, please email for quotes and shipping information.) and cards!

Stef has also added a couple of new products for you, just in time for Graduation cardmaking:

Grad Bear

Graduation Day

Both of these products are listed under Graduation under Categories and under Glitterbabe  under the Artists Link, both in the left sidebar of the shop!
Now, stepping out of the box again, here are a couple more images for you.

Vintage Bicycle II (got a lot of positive comments on the first one so here is the second!)

And this next one I designed with one of my lovely followers in mind, Charlene (crystaldolphin)

Dolphin Jumping

Charlene, I do hope you like, since your blog inspired this one!
And Stef has created a bit of eye candy using this card, as a congrats card for Jade who won a READING Competition!
I know Jade will love love love this card!

Now, on to what you all are waiting for!  Your Manic Monday Freebie!  With all the graduations coming up I thought this would be a great image for those guys on your list who are graduating!
Here is Mr. Wise Owl!

I think  he is quite dashing!  Wise Owl will be free until Saturday the 19th at Midnight EST.
You can find all of these new stamps in the New Products Category at the shop.

Well, busy day here on the blog!   Lots of goodies for you all!  I do hope you all have a great week!  Im gonna sit here, sip my tea, take my cold medicine, and work from home today, as it is raining frogs outside!

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  1. ok, let me start at the beginning, lol, last weeks Vintage bike is stunning, was in such a rush, forgot to say thanks, ( slapping my wrist ) , hope your feeling better, love the new releases, simply adore the kanji style, makes gorjuss cards !!
    Super card Stef, sure jade will love this, congrats on her winnings too!!
    Thanks for this cutie, will have to get something made with him...........:))
    lotsa luv
    ps:: enjoy your sons visit, driving lessons, will check on the laughs, lol

  2. What a beautiful owl... thank you so much, it´s great to have images for guys too!!!!!!!

  3. This is great image Jess, thank you. Love Stef's card My M-i-L loved the aqua, white and black card I made for her a few weeks ago using your teapot design ... phew!!!!! Thanks for everything you do for us crafters. :o) Helen x

  4. Fabulous images!!! This owl does look very wise perched on the stack of books....thank you!!

  5. Love the new Kanji Zodiac digi's! The owl is cute too, I'll have to go and snag it, thanks! Stayed home from work today with the same thing, the mother of all colds. Feel better soon!

  6. OMGoodness Jess! What a gift this post was! I am so touched that you were inspired to create this beauty! Nice dolphin images are very, very hard to find as people just can't seem to capture the face - you did it!!! This is STUNNING!!!! I love it and love the way Stef showed it off in her card! You treat us all so well and this is just awesome! Big hugs and I'll post a tattoo pic when I post my card! You have no idea how special this is. Hugs, Charlene (crystaldolphins)

  7. Wonderful images Jess. Hope you're feeling better soon. Just thought I would pop in to let you know that I used your incredible "Guardian" image on a project. If you would like to see it you can find it here...

    Thanks for the great was a win from a contest (sorry, can't remember which one as it was awhile back).

    Hugs ~ Charlene


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