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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Days left on the Monday Madness 75% off Sale....and now I have a cold!

Hey everyone, Happy Tuesday!  Only 2 days left on the Monday Madness Sale!  Thanks to all of you that have shopped already!  You all humble me with your comments on your invoices!  It makes what I do so worth the time and effort!

And...I have a cold now.  I think it came from cleaning out the vacuum cleaner.  I even took it out side to do it and washed it down with Lysol, and still, something has taken residence up in my head!  Cruddy cruddy congestion and a throbbing headache, and a sore throat!  Oh well, gives me a great reason to stay in and draw and take it easy!

I gotta tell you how sneaky our little doggie (DIVA) Snooch is.  Last night, I take my favorite "getting ready to go to sleep" spot, lying on Marks shoulder.  We always chat a little before calling it a night.  And this little, precious, sweet, innocent 8 lb PeekaPoo sneaks up from HER pillow at the foot of the bed to snuggle down in the middle of MY pillow!  Now the last time she did this, I could not move her off of it for fear of losing a few fingers.  Yes, I scolded her and she gave me that pitiful, oh Im so sorry, big eyed, "gonna guilt you into submission look" and, IT WORKED  like a charm.  I let her back up on my pillow, I rearranged my sleeping arrangement, snatched the corner of Mark's pillow and settled in for a night of no sleep.  NOT 5 minutes later, she went back to her own pillow and fell asleep.  She is devious and crafty, and one cool customer when it comes to punishing me!  Of Course, Mark laughed it off and said it was cute, but she wasn't taking over HIS pillow!  Why me?  I feed her, walk her, play "sock" with her, brush her, give her treats, take her for long slow buggy rides and let her prop up on the steering wheel, and even built her an above ground "playpen" so she can stay in the yard with me when I am gardening, so the bugs wont jump on her.  What did I do to deserve this type of treatment?  Oh yeah, I was laying next to her "Daddy".  I wonder what would happen if I got a 100 lb lab and let him sleep on the bed?  You think Sir Markus would have a pillow issue?

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