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Monday, July 23, 2012

Manic Monday, A Bunch of New Products, An Extra Coupon for the Mad Dash Sale and other What Nots!

Happy Monday Everybody!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  We did!  We went to the races, went shooting and generally Chill-axed with each other!  Yes, I got a few bruises from shooting the big gun, but other than that, that little adventure was a great success.  My Eddie is an excellent shot with just about anything you give him!  This weekend we took the Mosin Nagant 7.62 x 54 Long Rifle out!  Ed fixed the bolt and so he just had to try it out!  I was the spotter, although I shot it once, without a shoulder pad, and I don't think I have to tell you that OOWWWEEEEE it hurt!  How that boy shot it 14 times (and put 12 shots inside the ring) I will never know!  Mark didn't even shoot it that much!  Anywho, we had a great time and we were both so proud of the little man!  Im still trying to figure out how to transfer video from my phone to the internet here, but alas, I guess Ed will have to show me.  As soon as I get it figured out, I will post a little video of him shooting the Big gun!

On to more goodies.
Me and my cohort, Glitterbabe have been busy this week with new stuff and well, we have new stuff!  Lots in the Christmas Category, which as you know is still on sale for 35% off until July 31st!  AND I decided to have a Mad Dash Sale for the last week in July, so if you use coupon code MADDASH you will recieve an extra 10% off of your entire order, including the Christmas Category items!  This coupon is good for multiple uses during this last week in July so keep it handy throughout the week.  I may have just enough time to add a few more goodies!

So, lets see the goodies!   You can find all of the new products under NEW PRODUCTS link on the left hand sidebar of the shop!

On to the show!
Here we go!

Whew!  There you go!  Lots of good stuff huh!

Now, Just to avoid any confusion, the Sentiments are listed in Simply Sentiments, and even though they can be used for Christmas Items, they are not included in the Christmas Category Sale, although they are included in the 10% off sale.  I have to do it this way because if I add them to the Christmas Category sale, then all the sentiments get added.  So I have to give and take somewhere!  And at 10% off that brings most of the sentiments down to $1.35, which is a GREAT deal!

Now for your Manic Monday Freebie!   I have had requests for this one so here it is!
A Precious Child

If you will pop over to the shop, you can grab this great image for FREE until Saturday Night at Midnight EST.

***NOTE***  The Manic Monday Freebies are ALWAYS posted on Mondays, at the bottom of my post.  There was a bit of confusion as to whether I was offering a freebie every Monday.  I know everyone loves freebies and that is why I offer one a week, but I do place it at the bottom of the post so that you all wont miss all the other good stuff going on, like new products and stories and what not! :-) !***END NOTE***

Im sorry this post is so short and sweet, but I have to run to Virginia to get some stuff from Lowes, work at my "regular" job, and my "second regular" job, and get the van tagged, and clean my own house and work at the shop for my "regular" job!  Today is one busy day for me, no wonder I call it Manic Monday!

Glitterbabe and I hope you have a great week!  Remember the Christmas in July Sale is still going on and you can use the MADDASH coupon to save an extra 10% on your order total, until July 31st!

Happy Monday to you all,
Catch you on the Flip!
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  1. This is so wonderful... I love it!
    Thank you so much :)

  2. Beautiful freebie- thank you!


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