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Monday, July 16, 2012

Manic Monday! Fishing Pics from the Camping Trip, and Review of New Releases!

Happy Manic Monday Everybody!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  I sure did!  Mark surprised Eddie and I with a weekend getaway to Big Ridge State Park, cabin, boat and fishing included!  Now, Im allergic to fish so I did not get to share in the eating of the fish, but I sure did have a blast catching them! I wanted to share a few pics for you!  And yes, we had a few funnies along the way.  Put it this way.  TREE: 5  ED: 0  LOL!  But more on that in a bit!

Here we are at Big Ridge State Park in Tennessee!
Our Cabin and the view!:

Our Cabin was quite  nice, all rustic-y and warmly decorated!

We are going to visit again in the Fall for the foliage show, and so we can use the fireplace!

The Screened in Porch was so nice in the morning, having coffee and listening to all the wildlife!

The Lake from out on the rowboat!  This was a great fishing spot!

The First Fish of the Trip!  He is so proud of his Bluegill!

Fishing from the catches, but had a good time.

My First Fish of the Day.....I did happen to catch the Biggest Shellcracker of the day as well, as a matter of fact, on the entire trip!

Again, Mom with the Fish!  (Eddie started calling me FisherMom!)  I also caught a Man (I hooked Mark in the ankle), a couple of logs, and a really really big fish (true!) that broke my line cause I had one telling me to set the drag on the pole (Purple/Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Zebco Sling Shot, graphite, spin caster) and one telling me to reel it in slower, then faster, then stop.....hey I can only follow so many directions at a time....Im a girl, not a machine.  Note the Pink Primos Fishing Hat, and the stylish sunglasses (mafia style!).  Yes I baited my own hooks with the Big Red Worms and live crickets!  No, I did not take off my own fish!  Cant handle the fishes, cause I will break out all over!  (I had my gloves in the boat for emergencies though, and I took along a big bottle of benadryl just in case!)

And Sir Markus, Bringing up the Rear on Day 3!  This was a little cutie pie fish, that got to live another day in the big lake!  Mark did catch 2 keepers, and 3 Big Branches.....hey, a catch is a catch he says!

Our lovely transportation on the Lake:    It ran at 2 MPR (that would be Men Per Row)!  We moved along at about 1/2 the speed of Smell, and that was OK with us!  I kept saying coordination was the key, but somehow that just went by the wayside, so I just sat back, pretended I had a parasol and enjoyed the slow ride in the sun!

 We had a wonderful time at the lake!  No telephone, no tv, no internet, no worries!  Just fun in the sun with my two favorite men!  We can't wait to go back!

Now I told you there was a funny or two and I have already eluded to them but here is the scoop:
Sunday, we took the boat out for a last bit of fishing, rowed out to a big shady spot and tied off to a tree.  This is where the "BIG" one got away.....snapped my line!  Anywho, after we fished for a while, we decided to move to the next "That looks like a nice spot" spot, and E, (what Mark calls Eddie) went to untie us from the tree.  Well, the tree obviously wanted us to stay there cause it put every single thorn into Ed's hands, shorts, and grabbed onto both of his fishing rods.  It was a tangled mess for like 5 minutes.  There was a lot of hollering, and laughing, and once free, Ed  stated that that tree had exacted it's Thorny Justice on him!  I was in tears watching him, and Mark was trying so hard not to chuckle out loud at the debacle happening in front of us.  Took 2 seconds to tie up when we got there, and 5 minutes to get untied from the tree, the shorts, and the fishing lines!


I sent out a short post covering the new releases on Friday, but for those of you that missed it, here they are again.  They are more Christmas Silhouettes, and yes they are still on Sale for 35% off!

3 Wise Men Silhouette:

Santa Sleigh Silhouette:

Flying Reindeer Silhouette:

All of these new products can be found here!

And Stef has been so kind as to make up a card or two using these new images!  She is so creative like that.....Gotta love her!

I can't say which of these I like more!  So Im not gonna fight over them!  They are both lovely!  And you can still get the Christmas In July Sale until July 31st!  Christmas will be here before we know it and it never hurts to be ahead!

Ok, Ok, now on to the Manic Monday Freebie!
In honor of our lovely fishing trip, your Freebie today is
Fishing Lures!

Fishing Lures will be FREE until Saturday Nite at Midnight E.S.T.  Great for that fisherman, or fisherwoman in your family!  Also, it could be great wall art as well!  I do hope that you enjoy!

Well, then, I think that should do it for today!  Remember, The Fabulous Glitterbabe will be here on Wednesday with Glitterbabe Corner Days, and Thursday is Simply Sentiments day!  Great new products coming out all week!

Glitterbabe and I hope that you have a fantastic week!
Catch you on the Flip!
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  1. Wow what a wonderful place! You guys look like you are having lots of fun ;) Thank you so much for the wonderful digi!

  2. That's a fun way of spending the weekend! Thanks for finding time to share this cool freebie!:)

  3. This looks like a great spot for relaxing and fishing....Congrats on getting the biggest fish!!
    Thank you for the super image!!

  4. Love the pics Jess and thanks for the freebie!


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