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Monday, August 6, 2012

Manic Monday, a little sad news, and a new release.

Its Manic Monday again.  I don't mean to start on a sad note, but as some of you asked on last week's post about little Merlin.  I am very saddened to say, that despite our best efforts, little Merlin passed away on Thursday at 7:00 am.  We will miss him very very much.

***The Product Designer call is still on!  Remember to leave your comment and blog link in the post above so we can check out your fabulous creations!***  We are looking at each and every one!

Today to start off with, remember, we have released the August Exclusive Kit at Floppy Latte's Digital Designs.  It is a Back To School Kit, perfect for teacher cards, notes, and anything school related!  These stamps and sentiments are only available in this kit.  Also, there is a special coupon in the kit for the entire month of August for 15% off any purchase in August over $3.00.  It is a great value for $12.95!

You can get the kit here.

And as a special treat, that fabby Glitterbabe has created this lovely lovely card using images and sentiments from the kit!

I especially love her shading on this little  number!  Thanks to Glitterbabe for again creating another lovely card with our images!  She Rocks!

And while I am on the Glitterbabe soapbox, here is another gorgeous creation using Framed Lillies, one of last week's new releases!

This card is stunning!  I know whomever gets this one will Love Love Love it!  I really like the colors and the shading on the lillies!  I don't know what I would do without Glitterbabe helping me out so much!  I am blessed to have her on my team!

Now for a new release!
Yes, I am still in flower mode, cause it is my favorite LOL. 
 I have some lovely Little Lillypads for you today!

This stamp comes with that subtle shading that works so well with the Copics and colored pencils!  I think I may have to use this for a piece of wall art I am planning for my mom!  It has an oriental feel to it and she loves oriental artwork!

Now for the fun part!  Your Manic Monday Freebie!  This week I went WAAAAYYYY out of my box!
Introducing Knight!

I am really diggin' Knight for a boy's card, and possibly a wall stencil, along with castles and dragons (which, by the way, are on the drawing board!)  You can get Knight FREE until Saturday Night at Midnight EST!

Now for a funny.  Well, it was funny when I heard it!
Sir Markus was driving home on Friday, leaving one of the Mines he was working at and there happened to be a toll gate thingy there.  Not that he had to pay a toll or anything, just one of those gates at the exit of the property.  One of the other foreman was ahead of him driving out the gate, and Sir Markus was right, and I mean right behind him.  He got the bright idea (and he gets a lot of these) to drive right on through when the gate was up after the other foreman passed through.  You can guess where this is going right?  Well that gate did NOT like the idea of Sir Markus not having to wait his turn, so it came down in a flash, right on the windshield!  Smashed the entire right side!  Now, you have to see the truck to understand how Sir Markus's bright ideas work.  The drive seat has a giant  hole in it, the seat adjustment does not work, the fender is dropped down and held to with a huge zip tie, a forklift dent graces both sides, a tail light does not work and one of the blinkers keeps going out.  This is what happens when he gets bright ideas, like letting a guy who has just been trained on a forklift, drive near his truck, or using the truck for purposes that it really wasn't intended for but worked really well for, despite the body damage.    Just like a man!  His response is - "well, it IS a work truck."  OOOOKKKKK honey, whatever you say!  LOL!

Well, it is a back to work day, oh wait, I have worked the last 14 days straight......I need another Vacay!

That about does it for us today!  I do  hope you enjoy your freebie and do take time to browse the shop!
Have a fantastic Monday all!
Catch you on the Flip!

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  1. Thanks for the Knight! Love it! :)

  2. Thank you for the knight and the funny LOL My husbands old truck looked like that,

  3. Thank you for the knight!
    Sorry to hear the sad news :(
    A big hug,


  4. So very sorry to hear about little Merlin. It is very hard for our hearts to let go of our pets, whether we've had them for a long time or a short time. Sending a big hug your way.
    Can't use the knight freebie, but do want to thank you for all the time and thought you put into the freebies you offer us. Take care. With kind regards, Enjay xo


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