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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Simply Sentiments Thursday and a Change to Customer Rewards!

Happy Thursday to ya!  How is everyone doing?  Im just Peachy (yep, a Georgia Girl!)  As you may have seen from the title of this post, there has been a change to the Customer Rewards Program and it is a doosey!  NO MORE Emails for your free items!  How sweet is that!  Now, this does require manual work on my part, but you ladies are so worth it!  Let me explain how it works then we will get on to the sentiment releases for this week!


This is the new system.  How it works is that for every $3.00 you spend in the shop you receive a Reward Point.  These points add up to discounts and free items.  You earn your first completely Free Digi at 9 Reward Points. (which is roughly equal to 3 stamps at $3.00 each and lower than the original customer rewards)  BUT, you can start redeeming them as early as 3 Rewards Points ($1.00 off)  AND you can redeem up to 100, yes I said 100 Rewards Points at one time!  Now before everyone goes asking, I have prepared a list of Questions and Answers for you so that hopefully this will explain the Program to you and answer any questions that may come up.



What are Rewards Points?  Rewards Points are a reward for shopping at Floppy Latte’s Digital Designs!

Can I redeem points from my order on that same order?  No, the points don't roll over until after the paid order is cleared through paypal and I transfer the pending points to earned points.  They can, however be used on the next order if you have accumulated at least 3 points!

What can I do with Reward Points?  You can redeem reward points for discounts and free items at Floppy Latte’s Digital Designs Shop.

Some images have different rewards points.  Why is that?  Rewards Points are based on the dollar value of the image.  Example:  a $3.00 image earns 1 Reward Point, a $12.00 set earns 4 Rewards Points.  Each dollar is worth .33 Rewards Points.

I just made a paid purchase and don’t see my points?  What Happened?  Rewards points have to be transferred manually after the sale has cleared Paypal.  It may take up to 24 hours  for them to post to your account.

My purchase price is not divisible by 3 evenly, what happened to the remainder points?  The remainder points are held until they reach 1.0 then are transferred to your points earned.  This is done automatically for you.

Products less than $3.00 don't show reward points.  Are they still eligible? Yes, they are.  They don't show the points because they don't quite equal 1 Reward  Point.  The fraction is added to your account automatically and converted when the fractional amount is equal to or greater than 1.0.  Example  A sentiment for $1.50 is worth .5 Reward Points.   If you purchase 2 $1.50 sentiments you will earn 1 Reward Point.  Each dollar is equal to .33 Reward Points.  You will see the accumulated pending rewards points on the sidebar in your shopping cart.  As your total goes up, so does the points.  They will be moved over to Earned as soon as the order clears Paypal and I move the pending points!

When can I redeem my rewards points?  Once you have reached a balance of 3 rewards points you may start redeeming them.

How many rewards points can I redeem at once?  You may redeem up to 100 reward points at any one time.

How do I redeem my rewards points?  At checkout you will see a Rewards Point Redemption box along with a dollar value and # of reward points available.  If you have a balance of 3 or more reward points you may begin redeeming them.  Simply type in the number of rewards points you would like to redeem and a corresponding dollar value will be deducted from your rewards points balance.  Example:   3 Rewards Points equal $1.00, 6 Rewards Points =$2.00 and so on.  9 Rewards Points will earn you a $3.00 digital stamp free!

I checked out with a free product but did not see any reward points added to my account.  Reward Points are only calculated on paid purchases.

I made a paid purchase and used a coupon.  My points don’t add up to what pending points shows.  Rewards Points are based on the actual purchase, after coupons and discounts.  Example:  a $3.00 purchase minus a $1.00 coupon equals a $2.00 Paid Purchase.  You would only receive .666 reward points for that purchase. 

I bought a $5.00 Gift Certificate and didn’t get any rewards points.  Reward Points are not calculated on Gift Certificates.  They are stored in a separate section of the store and are not calculated like regular digi products.

Im a new customer and just bought 1 single stamp, how did I get 3 Rewards Points? Every New customer receives 3 additional Rewards Points after their first paid purchase, no matter the value, as a welcoming gift to Floppy Latte’s Digital Designs.

This system works wayyyy better than having to email me and me having to manually go through the 500 orders I get every week to figure out who has earned a free stamp.  This way you get rewarded each and every time you shop!  Better for me, better for you.  My poor fingers and brain get a work out as it is!  This will free up a bit more time for me to put more images in the shop for you!

Customer Rewards Points began to accumulate in your account if you have made a paid order since 8/28/2012.  It is impossible for me to go back and review all of the old orders and coupons as they fall out of the system after 90 days.  If you feel that you have earned a free digi, please please send me an email and I will research it and get back to you.

Soooo, what do you think?  Now, I have tested this out and it appears to be working as it should.  The only caveat is that I have to manually add the points over to earned as you shop.  This is not an issue as I see each and every invoice when it comes in.  So it may take a few minutes to a few hours for your earned points to show up.  Please allow me 24 hours to get them moved over.  This is due to a pay pal issue in the program that I have no control over!  It is wayyyy easier to press keys to transfer a day's orders at a time than it is to do it the way I'm doing it now.  Second Caveat:  You MUST be signed in to see your Earned Rewards Point Balance!

Now on to the Simply Sentiments Thursday New Releases!
Glitterbabe has been busy!

Now how about some eye candy from the most fabulously talented Glitterbabe (she is on a roll!)

I love this one! Fruit bowls are one of my faves!

Elegant and oh so Christmas-y!

This flower digi is one my son, Eddie personally wanted me to draw so it is titled appropriately, Eddie's Favorite Flowers!  Thanks Stef for making it into such a pretty, pretty Card!  Ed said he loved it!  Especially the black! (One of that boy's favorite colors)!

Just a little reminder!  The Sentiments, priced usually at $1.50, wont show any reward points but they are there, it is just that it won't show anything less than 1 and they are only set at .5, so they will accumulate as you shop!  No worries!

We do hope you have enjoyed the sentiments and eyecandy!  Look for us again on Friday, for the New September Exclusive Kit and Coupon release!

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. wow! i may have to leave you and become a customer!!!! NOT!!! u da bomb!

    hugs :)

  2. Right! I would hunt you down and tie you up with Scor-tape!


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