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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Simply Sentiments Thursday, and a Teaser!

Happy Thursday to you all!  It is Simply Sentiments Thursday!  Glitterbabe has three great sentiment stamps for you today.   Sadly, I did not get any done because I was working on a complete....ah......should I tell ya???  OK, A Complete Paisley Monogram set!  It was time for a new monogram set, and since so many of you enjoyed the Mehndi Motif (by the way, more on the way in that style) I decided to put together a Paisley Monogram set!  But more on that in a minute!  First, let me showcase Glitterbabe's three new sentiment stamps!  Here we go!

Friends 17

Friends 13

Thank You 1

All of these new sentiments, along with all of our other sentiments can be found in the Simply Sentiments Category!

Im kinda diggin the #13 one!  It is just too funny!

Well, ok, so I did mention that I have a paisley monogram set ready for the shop shelves.  And I thought to myself....Self, why don't you get a few opinions on it!  Well, here is the Letter A!  Now all of the letters have the same design frame background, AND if you all want more, hey, I have three other backgrounds I can do these in!  What I need from you all is a yes or a no to this one first!  Cause it takes mucho mucho time to put together a whole set!  And if you want them, I will so gladly take the time to do it!  So, are you ready????
Here she is:
Paisley Monogram A:  *****Note****** This is NOT in the Shop at this time.

Let me know what ya think! And while you are checking out the new sentiments, remember the Flower/Florals Sale is still on.....and you might find some new goodies if ya look!  You never ever know!

Well, as I am still not feeling my oats today, cause silly me felt better yesterday (a bit) and decided to take myself for a 1.4 mile jog/walk, I put myself back into sick mode again!  So I think I will just rest today and do the easy stuff!  I got this entire new alpha to load (which will be avaliable in singles and as an entire set, and a 6 pack coupon will go up when the set is loaded so you can get a nice discount if you want only 6.  Not sure why 6 is the magic number but it is.)

So I am off to sit down in a different chair, and read for just a bit!  New Pandigital Novel E Reader from my sweetie, so now I have a new gadget!  AKA Gadget Queen here!

We do hope that you all have a great Thursday, An even better Friday, and a spectacular weekend! (Be mindful of Hurricane Issac thought!  My mom is gonna get hammered there in Florida!)  Please make sure you are prepared if you are in this storms Path.  A public service announcement from Floppy Latte's Digital Designs!

Catch you all on the Flip!

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Floppy!
    this is not what I expected to see when I scrolled down. I thought the letters would be large and the paisley would be inside the letters.
    Understand what I mean? like you made a background of paisley, and then cut the letter out of it.


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