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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Glitterbabe's Corner

good morning ladies... and welcome to GLITTERBABE'S CORNER!  did you see those gorgeous cards by  our new designer, susie? (see post below) holy moly!!!!  and that sunset is simply stunning!

we had a terrible storm last night.  power went out for 2 hours (thank goodness only 2 hours).  lit a candle and also have a LED light.  you kinda forget just how dark, dark really is!  and speaking of DARK....  we all know halloween is just around the corner and that is the DARKEST holiday on the calendar... but ALWAYS the funnest one... right????  sooooooooooooo, keeping with the "dark side of GLITTERBABE" (and no, the FORCE hasn't gotten me yet LOL)  my NEW RELEASES this week are..........

see!  this is about how "DARK" i get - LOL.  does that scare you?  haaahhhaaahhhaaaa!!!  ok.  i'm going batty here (no pun intended).  sooooooooooo all of these are NOW AVAILABLE (with reward points, too) at the STORE and you're on your way to HALLOWEEN!

but wait!!!  i have ONE MORE release for you.............. the FREEBIE!!!!  and this one will surely capture you!  don't say i didn't warn ya.....

now,  just get your broom on and head on over to FLOPPY'S for your halloween goodies!!!  what?  you don't think i'm the only one with goodies do ya?  what kinda witch you do you think i am?????

happy haunting!!!!

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  1. wow! that glitterbabe is some artist!!! LOL

    hugs :)

  2. Thank you! I'll really enjoy the freebie. Stef, I really love that witchy hat. I'll be back to get it!


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