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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Glitterbabe's Corner

holy moly!  did  you see susie's cards? (below)  wow!  that girl is good!!!

welcome to GLITTERBABE'S CORNER.  FLOPPY was away for the weekend but it sure doesn't sound like she had much R&R - poor thing.  me?  my life is one big R&R.  i'm Retired.  haven't quiet figured out what the other R is yet - LOL.  anyway.... i've got some pretty cool NEW RELEASES this week (well i think they're cool anyway - LOL).  let's cut to the chase...

 i wish i could get a can that pretty!  with all the antique stores in my area?????  
i think i need to go shopping!

no words needed here!  ain't love grand????

i love flowers.  i mean love flowers.  only i have a BLACK THUMB.
which is why most of the flowers in my house are F-A-K-E!!!
yeah, shoot me now - LOL.

so?  wadda ya think?  cool right?  now, the FREEBIE is a tad off the beaten path and absolutely NOTHING to do with flowers, weddings or anything else, but you know me (or you should by now), there's always got to be something funny / silly / ridiculous, etc. from me.  sooooooooooooo, here's your FREEBIE...

ok.  i hear ya... wth????  a tooth?  a freakin' tooth?  is she nuts?  not really.....  use it eat that extra piece of cake and TRUST ME.... it'll be fat-free, calorie-free and WILL NOT stick to your hips!!!  i promise!

i'm sure FLOPPY has a few surprises in store at the STORE too, so please, head on over there.  she even surprises me most of the time!

oh... and scroll down and say hi to susie!  that lady is da bomb!

see ya tomorrow at SIMPLY SENTIMENTS!!!

hugs and sparkles...

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