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Monday, September 17, 2012

Manic Monday and all that Jazz!

Happy Manic Monday to you all!  What a week last week!  The truck instrument cluster decided to take a holiday, and a bite out of the checkbook - there goes my new Compound Sliding 12" Cut Mitre Saw and Drill Press, (Update:    The Compound Sliding Mitre Saw is IN THE HOUSE!)  The race car rebuild  project is coming along nicely, (Pictures to follow soon!) Finished with the "House from Hades" (including a stint up 45 ft in the air on an extension ladder, with a bucket of paint and a brush....good thing heights don't bother Mark or myself!), Mark is off on a Dredge Job in S.C this week,  Oy, the peace and quiet, Snooch is her darling Diva Self when Daddy is gone, I have probably sat on her 3 or four times already because she has to stay right up on me when he is gone.  I guess she thinks Momma will be lost without her and her "Daddy Person", I have decided to build a table this week......Ok, so it will probably take me more than a week cause I only have TWO hands, picked up another small painting job here in the neighborhood, and did some drawing as well!  Ok, now what to do for this week.....any ideas?

Oh yeah, I have New Releases!   (good thing I rely on sticky notes!)

New Releases:

Artsy Coffin

Artwork by Vector Lady, All free Vector Downloads and Floppy Latte's Digital Designs.  (all artwork used other than FLDD is licensed for commercial use to produce this image)

New Area in the SHOP!:

Did you know we know have Ready Made Cards in the Shop!  These Lovely creations are all by Glitterbabe, using images from the shop!  Perfect when you need a card and just don't know what to create!  I know you all are crafters, but hey, there are times when everyone needs a little bit of extra help!  And did you also know that coming in the near future, there will be other hard products offered at Floppy Latte's Digital Designs!  Can't Say what they will be but they will be great!  Just another way to add value to your shopping experience!  So be on the lookout and make sure you are either a blog follower or a NL subscriber.

Eye Candy From Glitterbabe !

I really really love the colors here Stef!  What an elegant card!  You rock as always!

How about those Product Designer Gals!   I know that they post a couple of times a week and wow!  I just love to see what they come up with!  I only wish I had the talent of their little finger, I would be doing great!  Linda and Susie.....You gals ROCK!

What Customers are saying!

Here is a little section of the responses I recieve on my invoices!  This is why I do what I do!  Stef and I want to personally thank each and every one of our customers for giving us the reason to go on doing what we love!  Without you all, we would not be here!  So "THANK YOU!"

It is stinkin' cute and oh-so-timely! Thank you so much. I look forward to your emails every week. Not just for the freebie. Really. I smile all the way thru your news and how your week went :-). Thank you. ~S. L

Thank you so much for these wonderful Halloween image.Very much appreciated.Bless you, your time, hard work and your amazing talent.I wish you many more creative years of inspiration!!have a wonderful and sunny day.sending hugs of comfort across the miles - L.S

This one is very beautifull for Halloween. Thank you for sharing - M.B.

nice for the season thank you - C.S.

Thank you!! - M.L.

Thanks! - A.V.

thank you!!!! Very cute - S.L.

Great stuff from you and Stef! Figures that you'd start your Birthday club in Sept, when mine's in August, lol! Thanks for the Spooky Owl, he'll be good year 'round. Since I'm not really into Halloween...
R/ - R.A.

This is just a sampling of what our customers say about Floppy Latte's Digital Designs!  Tell us what you think!  We love to hear from all of our valued Customers!  Again, Thank you for making what we love to do, so easy to do!
Jess, Stef, and the Latte Ladies, Linda and Susie Que!

Customer Submission:

Glitterbabe sent me this in an email from one of my customers Donna Rinckle, of a card that she made using the Freebie this week!  I just love it!  Thank you Donna for sharing it!

this is entitled Whoo's Birthday.
I love the stitching on this card!  What a lovely piece of art, Donna!  Thank you so much!

Lets Have some FUN!

Now for something a little fun!  I used to do this way back when but I thought it would be fun to do now!  What it is.....Ask Floppy Anything Day!
What you do is post a single question for me in the comment section of this post.  If you could ask me one thing, what would it be.  I will be gathering the questions and putting answers to them all and on Next Monday, I will post the list of questions with all the answers!  And, if you do post a question, your name will go into a drawing to win a $5.00 coupon! Sir Markus will do the drawing Sunday . This was a  hoot for me before and with all my lovely customers and readers, it is sure to be a hoot again!  And if you all like it, I will hog tie Glitterbabe and make her do it too!  Nothing like keeping it all in the family! (Im laughing my hind end off at the sight of Glitterbabe hogtied!  Too Funny!).  Now, really there are not off limit questions, but please keep it clean cause I have kids that read this blog just so you know!

Manic Monday Freebie:  Happy Jack!

Here you go!   He's  a cute guy all ready to run up and down your Halloween Creations!

     is your Freebie for the week until Saturday Night at Midnight EST, when it will return to $3.00!  So get it while its HOT!

Well, it is off and running!  Got to go paint today and then who knows what!  All the Latte Ladies wish you a great week!
Catch you on the Flip!

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  1. so? what do you REALLY think of glitterbabe???? haahhaahhhaaaa (don't u dare answer that)

    hugs :)

  2. This Happy Jack image does look very happy and he brought a smile to my face....thank you!!
    OK for my question...How did you and Glitterbabe meet each other??

  3. ROFLMAO, would love to see you chasing Stef around to hogtie her!!! Ok, I've got 2 questions for you
    1) Do you EVER sleep? 'Cause I read Manic Monday and can't figure out when you'd possibly have time to sleep!
    2) What does Sir Marcus think of your telling stories on him, and do you ever "embellish" just a tiny bit?? After all we card-makers are known to "embellish" just a bit!

  4. How great a joy would it be to have at least one new person say "thank you" each week to you.

    Thank you for all that you do for us.
    cat s.

  5. Hi! How many cards to you make each month? I just dropped and saw that great free halloween scarecrow. So a big thank you and I will link your site to my blog when I make the card. Thanks!

  6. since this IS floppy's blog... i'll let her factually answer your questions. me? i'm the comedian.

    rufus... only you! and i let you get away with that too - LOL
    cat... thank YOU!
    kim b... she really overworks me - LOL and a big thanks to YOU too.

    hugs :)

  7. I am a slave driver I know, Stef! Your poor fingers must be worked to the bone he he he! I got my rope and I Ain't afraid to use it!


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