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Thursday, September 20, 2012


morning ladies.  yeah, i know... SURPRISE!  i'm doing today's post.  floppy is getting ready to head to florida (the lucky lady - tho she really needs the break).  have a great trip, jes.  we'll be missin' ya ((waving bye bye)).

well today is SIMPLY SENTIMENTS THURSDAY and i've got 2 sentiments for ya this week.  hey!  with everything going on at my place (you can read about it on MY BLOG), i'm lucky i got these 2 out - LOL.

oh i agree with zsa zsa here!!!

i would love for someone to say this to me!  how touching!

Just a few reminders from FLOPPY...  You still have time for the two freebies this week, just pop over to the shop and grab em while they are free!

Make sure that you have your correct birthday logged in your account so that you can recieve your Birthday Club Coupon during your birth month!  October coupons will go out on the 10th!

The September Exclusive kit is available and INCLUDES a 15% coupon for all of your remaining September Purchases!

well, time to get back to the drawing board.  just because FLOPPY gets a vacation... doesn't mean i do!!!!  trust me... she works waaaaaaaay harder than i do anyway.

happy thursday~~~  

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