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Monday, October 1, 2012

Manic Monday is here again!

The Manic Monday Coupon MM1001 is working!  Since the last update, I forgot a step and I have corrected that!  You should be able to use it no problem as I have just tested it.

Happy Manic Monday to you all!  Well, today is not gonna be manic for me for a change, just a little bit of errands and poof, Im done for the day!  What a change!  Anywho, first off I wanted to show you my latest project from the shop (garage).

Here she is, my Table one of the three table set!  Isn't she pretty!  There are two more tables in the works that nest nicely inside of the opening of this one so that I can have lots of display options!  We used it last night for snacks watching the football game.  Now it isn't as big as it looks, but is sure is nice!  I got this thought (as I am prone to do on a moments notice) and drew it up, bought the wood, put the new Compound mitre saw through its paces, and finished with the new Porter Cable DA sander, some nice Cabot Cherry Stain and some lovely clear Polycrylic varnish and Viola!  A home grown coffee table!  It is so nice to have a man that understands a woman's need for power tools!

Now, you all know that I took a quick trip to FL last week end.  Well, I saw this in the Winter Haven Wally World and thought it was amazing!  Since I love the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies and Johnnie Depp in General I thought I would share it with you!

It is made (Capt Jack Sparrow) entirely out of Legos!  I thought this was sooooo cool and wanted to share it with you all as well!  Who knows, this might inspire a stamp!  Hmmmm.

Ok, enough of the shop talk!  I do have a new release today, just in time for Fall!

Fall Lamp Post

It is simply but effective LOL!  It is now in the shop under the New Products link on the left sidebar.

Remember, the Halloween Sale is still going on until the 15th of the Month at 25% off so if you are needing some cool images for your Halloween crafts, grab em while they are on sale.

Another little reminder, if you would like to participate in the Birthday Club, please make sure that your information is updated in your Account at the shop to reflect your proper birthday.  The October coupons go out on the 10th!

Also, tomorrow, all of the images from the Halloween Exclusive kit will be available as individual images in the store.  After several requests from customers, I have decided to make the kits available as individual images one month after the release.  It is a great deal to get them all together, as the individual images will be at regular price, but now if you just want one of them, you will be able to purchase it at regular price by itself!

I have  quite a few customers that have logged Reward Points!  Yay!  You can check your reward points by logging in and viewing your account!  Remember 3 points equals $1.00 off!

Thanks to the ever fabulous Glitterbabe (without her, I would be running around half naked missing my head) for keeping the challenge list updated on the left sidebar here.  We are sponsoring a lot of great challenge blogs and if you enter using a FLDD/Glitterbabe image and WIN, you get an extra $2.00 added to your winning coupon voucher during the time that FLDD/Glitterbabe is sponsoring!  What a great deal!

Now for the good stuff, what you have all been waiting for!  The Manic Monday Freebie!

This week I have a Sentiment for you all:

Celebrate with Thanksgiving:

Celebrate with Thanksgiving is FREE this week until Saturday night at Midnight EST.  Now in order to get the Manic Monday Freebie,
(capital M capital M and the numbers 1001, not the letter O)  This coupon code will allow you to get this image only for free!  Grab it while it is hot!  You can find it by clicking here.

Tomorrow is Susie Que's day up to share with you some of her great projects so be sure to stop by and check out her gorgeous creations!

Im thinking that is all I have for today!  Im at a loss without a lot of work to go run out and do!  I think today is a drawing day LOL!

Wishing you a great week from all of us here at Floppy Latte's Digital Designs!
and the Latte Ladies
Susie Que and Linda B!

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  1. Your tables look really great!! WOW that is some lego sculpture. Thank you for the beautiful sentiment!!


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