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Monday, October 8, 2012

MANIC MONDAY has arrived once again! Look what I have been into!

Happy Monday to everybody!  Hope your weekend went well!  Ours was well, cold, rainy, damp, and perfect for napping.  Sadly, I didn't nap!  But happily, I did a few drawings, projects, cleaning, running around, watching movies, drinking my ever favorite coffee with Sweet Cream Creamer, and managed a homemade lasagna!  Whew, good thing laundry was caught up or I would still be wearing my camo pj's!  (Stef, zip it LOL!)

Soooooo, a little on my weekend to start things off!

How bout a Beer?  No?  How bout a Beer Can Lamp!  Now do I have your attention  (not a beer drinker by any stretch of the imagination, but I love to repurpose!)  So here is what I did!

One Miller Lite Pint - Empty courtesy of Sir Markus
Electrical Wire
Plug Head
Lamp socket
wood base
rubber grommets
lamp shade (must coordinate with the beer can LOL)
bulbs - kinda necessary to see if the thing will work.
Hot Glue

OK! Here we go
1.  Cut your base, sand, paint and varnish

2:  Drill a hole in the Can for the wiring!  Now you MUST wear safety glasses!  Yep, had mine on all stylish as always!  See that little black thing in between the can and the Dremel, that is the grommet I had to work into the hole there in the UPC label of the can!  Not an easy prospect!

3.  All in, nice and snug!

 4.  Now onto the wiring!  An easy wire plug and cord.

5.  Viola!

6.  Snap the casing on and it is all ready on this end!

 7.  More drilling.  This is the hole to attach the can to the pretty blue base!  Let me tell you getting the screw to line up in this little hole with a long necked screwdriver was no picnic!

8.  Here is the little bugger now!

9.  All bolted up!  Pretty Pretty so far!

10.  Bare end of wiring all threaded up!(This requires holding your tongue right and trying not to swear!)

11.  Wires stripped and ready to hook up to the socket for the bulb.  See that little blue knife?  That thing is sharp, says my fingers! (BTW, it is the same sharp knife used in the next segment of photos in the Kudzu patch!)  Versatile tool!  (Note the Talladega Superspeedway race in the Background!  That happens to be the Miller Lite Car LOL!)

 12.  Lamp socket wired and installed in the neck of the can!

13.  Shade and Bulb added!

14.  Moment of truth!  Yeppers It WORKS!

15.  Side view showing the football laces on the can!

So, what do ya think!  Sir Markus thinks it is way cool, and from him, that is a true compliment!

Now, I wanted a bit smaller shade but this is what I have to work with so, maybe Ill get a different blue shade at Wally World the next time we go!

Another fun little venture!  Kudzu cutting!  Oh How Fun!  I use the Kudzu to make wreaths for decoration for just about any purpose!  Next venture, weaving baskets out of these vines!  Can someone say hyper!  Now Mark is doing the heavy work this time and I am doing the vine inspection and winding!  Gotta keep those little hands busy!

Cutting the Vines:  Sir Markus is finding me some sweet vines to work with!  This is the most dangerous part of the operation, which is why he is doing it.  There is always a possibility that you could pull an entire tree top down, because the vines basically shelter the sun from the trees and the tree dies.

What a Profile!

Some of the vines, cut, cleaned and coiled, just waiting to be made into pretty wreaths!

And that is how I rolled on this weekend!
Now for a bit of eye candy!  Glitterbabe at her usual wonderfulness!

 Fall Leaf Border!  How stunning Stef!

My pretty pumpkin, made even more gorgeous by the Fab Glitterbabe!  Love that embossing and that colored paper!
You can get these two images from the pack below!  Read on!

Ok, now to get back to the business of doing business!  Got something neat for ya!

 New Release (s) for this week!

Ohhhhh, a Kit for Free with Purchase!  Stef and I put our noggins together (and I got the knot to prove it!) and came up with these cute Fall/Thanksgiving images and sentiments and decided to package them up as a Collaboration kit and offer them to you for FREE with a $9.00 purchase.  Basically it works like this:  You purchase $9.00 of digital stamps/sentiments/cut files/paper packs and you get this entire set (a $15.00 vaule) free, sent to your inbox upon confirmation of payment.  Simple as that, you don't have to ask for it, you simply have to be patient for a little bit til the invoice comes through and I zip it right out to you!  Now, there are a few simple rules to obtain this collaboration pack for free:

1.  You must spend at least $9.00 (after any coupons)
2.  Your order must be confirmed paid.  E checks take a few days to clear so be aware if you pay with an E Check, your order wont release until that check has cleared.

No coupons to use, your invoice triggers the email for your Kit!
You can find the kit under Collaboration Packs in the Left Sidebar of the shop.  It is also available for purchase for $15.00 if you only want those images, but it is FREE if you spend 9$.....Now that is a steal!

That's it.  Easy Peasy!

Now onto the part you all wait so patiently for: The Manic Monday Freebie!

Fall Frame:

Copy write  2012 Floppy Latte's Digital Designs, original art.

All ready for your fall/Thanksgiving cards!   In order to obtain this Manic Monday Freebie, you must use coupon code MM1008 (that is the number 1 the number 0 the number 0 the number 8)  It will only work if you put Fall Frame in your shopping cart.  You can add other items, and use the coupon but only The Fall Frame Price will be deducted.  Click HERE  for the Fall Frame!  The coupon and download have been tested and are working properly!

Well, I think that is about all I got for ya this week!  
We hope you all have a wonderful Week and visit us tomorrow for Susie Que's New Creations!

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  1. you are so on a roll here! love the collab! great images all around.

    hugs :)

  2. What a fun lamp....I know several guys that would like to have some of these. You will have to share your finished vine wreath......fall is my favorite time of year. Thank you for the wonderful fall frame!!

  3. Love to get your e-mail every week, it makes my day...Thanks for your blog and all the interesting things you & Sir Markus do. Sounds like you all have a blast, my DH & I have been married for sixty years & we still have a blast doing things together. Life is fun when you get to do things with the love of your life. By the way I started this to say THANKS so much for your adorable digis..


  4. The lamp is really cool! I love blue, so for me is just gorgeous :)
    Glitterbabe's card are beautiful... love the first one specially!
    Thanks for the freebie!

  5. What a great lamp! You did an awesome job!!! Looks terrific!
    Thank you so much for sharing the pretty Fall frame! Have a great week!


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