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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Simply Sentiments Thursday has arrived!

Happy Thursday to you all!  It is that time of the week again!  Time for Simply Sentiments Thursday!  AND, I happen to have one for you all in addition to the every present Glitterbabe offerings.  Now I must put in a disclaimer here.  I have had several requests for sarcastical but funny sentiments so I am gonna start rolling them out.  They are clean (mostly LOL) and now and again, everyone needs a bit of sarcastical humor in their lives and possibly on a card or other project!  So without gilding the lilly any further, here is mine.

Fruit Loops:

Now this describes me and Stef to a T!  I can see this on cards to best friends, sweethearts and all sorts of things!

Now for Glitterbabe:

Love 7

One word:  True!

Flowers 3

No greater truth than this!  I think it applies to people as well!  Always look further that what can be seen on the outside!  Great job on this one Stef!  You rock as always!

Fashion 7

I simply adore this one!

Wow, 4 this week, we are on a roll!

A few reminders:
The Manic Monday Freebie, Fall Frame is still available until Saturday Night at Midnight EST.  You must use the coupon code MM1008 in order to obtain the freebie!

Today, the October Birthday Coupons will be going out  If you want to be in on the Birthday Club, you must have your account updated to reflect your birthday!

And one last thing, I got a new set of lamps built!  This time I call these the Sisterhood of the Traveling Coors Light Lamps!  And boy did they turn out nice!

The Red shades throw off such a soft pinkish glow, really sets the mood!  Sir Markus still prefers the Miller Light Lamp, cause he says it is more manly, but I have to tell you , the red gloss base and the red shades were HIS idea, so if you don't care for them, I can blame him!

Next request:

As you know, we are building a race car for next season and we are down to choosing paint schemes. If you feel so inclined, let me know your favorite of the 4 below.  #1 is the top left, #2 is the middle Right, #3 is the middle left, and #4 is the bottom right.  Now I am  not gonna tell you which two are my favorites, but I have been assured that once the votes are tallied from here and facebook, I get to paint the car in the most voted for color scheme!  So I am mentally sending you all my favorite....cause if I did it any other way, Sir Markus would know I cheated just to get what I want!  And we cant have that now can we!  Here is the photo:

Now I told Sir Markus, I have a lot of smart readers that will help me out on this one so if you feel so inclined, just leave a comment with your # choice!  Never know, there may be a prize in it for some lucky voter!

Ok, well, it is off to make up the October Birthday Coupons!
Hope you all visit tomorrow to See Linda's Fab Creations!

Here is to having a great weekend!

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  1. My favorite colors are #3 and #4 I like #3 the best. It has class and is pretty besides.By the way,mthese would make good digis. Edwina Brown

  2. I like the black and red with the white swirl the best, love the bold colours and the swirl is artistic

  3. love the lamps.
    fav car is #3
    your sentiment is hilarious! and yes, it's us to a T!

    hugs :)


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