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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Simply Sentiments Thursday!

Happy Thursday to you all!  Yep, the packing is in full swing.....see!

Note the Golf Clubs, Pool Stick case and the tiny Christmas Tree.....yep and most of those are my craft boxes lol! (along with a few teacup collections!)  This comprises about 1/4 of the STUFF!  So I do have a bit more work to go!  My poor keyboard got hidden behind the boxes and is missing her guitar buddies over there to the right!

Anywho, Today is Simply Sentiments and Stef has put together a few for you today!

Here we go!

Both of these could be used on a card for me!  Especially....well, both of them equally!

Now, just so that you all know, my email has been set to "Vacation" mode for a few days because I have to finish packing and begin driving.  I will check them from time to time, but if you have any issues, please please email Stef at  She knows how to interrupt me and we will get your issues solved.

You can find the new sentiments under the Simply Sentiments Category on the left sidebar of the shop!

Today is a work day for my "real" job so I am gonna get crackin or my boss will withdraw that STELLAR reference letter that I have in my hot little hands right now.  Gotta keep them happy!

FLOPPY! (with a suntan!)

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1 comment:

  1. thanks for the heads up. now i know just what sentiments to use on your cards... lol.

    great packing job mama!

    hugs :)


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