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Monday, November 19, 2012

Manic Monday Here Again....Updates and New Products!

Hi and Happy Manic Monday to you all!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Ours was a mixed bag.  We had the Memorial Service for Mike, and that was the toughest part.  We took My Sister, Erin, our Adopted Brother (not really, but it makes him feel good) Tommy Jo, My Mom and her husband, myself and Mark on a little fishing adventure over to the seawall for a time.  Yep, we caught Lady Fish, a skate (type of ray) a pin fish and a ton of laughs!  Just trying to make a great memory for the Ed Man!  He is presently staying with his Auntie Erin for the week whilst we make the dreaded journey back to Cold Kentucky to retrieve the rest of our household goods! (the stuff I really needed got left behind...gonna blame the help lol!)  So we will be out of pocket Tuesday thru Friday.  I really dread the journey as I really didn't want to have to go back there. But alas, I must, so I shall, and I will smile the entire time, unless I get too cold and Sir Markus forgets to make regular coffee stops!  (he wont but Im just sayin!)

Here is the update on the Fiduciary Guardianship Filing:  Money Raised:  202.00
Money Spent:  November 15th:  $100 to McGuire Law Offices.
                       November 19th:  $100 to McGuire Law Offices

We still have $300 to go before the filing but he is temporarily putting a hold on anything that may be filed by someone other than myself.  So I still have a ways to go, but we will make it I am sure of it!

I want to say a Huge THANK YOU to everyone that has purchased, donated, or both because you just don't know how much it is appreciated!  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Ohhh, I have a few new goodies today.   Some paper packs that are simply gorgeous and a new set of christmas bells for you!

Here we go!

Pretty Pretty!

And yes, I do have your Manic Monday for you as well!  Nope, won't keep you waiting!

Berry Wreath!

Now, I have it set to free in the store, but you will see a price on the info page, and you will also see a Pink Free tag on it.  Once you put it in your cart, it will show as free, nothing else required.  I am trying this out as the system is giving me fits on restricting coupons and setting limits on the freebies.    So I think this way will work out until I can devise a new system.  I do apologize for changing it up so much, but I have to find the way that it will work best.

Anywho, this am, we are off to get a tire, change the oil in Maude (the van) wash a bit of clothes, grab a bite to eat and prepare for the journey.  I have to find my long pants and thermals,  havent seen jeans since I have been here and I have a flip flop tan on my feet!  Yes, a TAN on my feet in the middle of November, gotta love that!

So, with a big Thanks from all of us at Floppy Latte, we will see you on Wednesday!

Catch you on the Flip!

Pin It!

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