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Monday, November 12, 2012

Manic Monday is here again....a HUGE SALE...and on a more serious note...

Happy Manic Monday to you all.  I know I have been out of pocket for a few weeks and I shall explain.

My son's (Eddie) father passed away on October 25, 2012.  I had to pack up early and move to Florida to be with my son.  A move was already planned but this unfortunate event put everything into high gear.  My son has lived with his father (an agreed to arrangement due to school, etc) and I made visits very often and Eddie was in what I thought was a stable environment.  Come to find out, I was missing a lot of information about what was going on.  That being said, I picked him up a few days after his father's passing, to find out that all he had in the world was an egg crate of clothes, his computer, tv, gaming system, and a bike.

His father died intestate, (without a will) and he did not include the necessary information on Life insurance documents that were left for Eddie.  So, on top of his passing, I am left to deal with all the necessary items to finalize his estate.  Mike has a sister, Debi, that resides in Georgia that is supposedly making arrangements for a memorial service here in Florida, but has yet to give us any information and without this, Ed is basically without anything of his father's.  No access to insurance benefits, Social Security or anything.  And to top it all off, the State of Florida requires Parents who are divorced to file a Fiduciary Guardianship to administer any Life Insurance Proceeds left to their minor child if the deceased parent did not specify this in the insurance policy.  Even though I am his mother, I am still required to do this by law.  Yes, it is stupid but that is how it is.  Now, I am up against the wall.  We must file this this week and I do have a wonderful attorney, but it is going to cost $3000.00 for him to administer this Guardianship for the next 2 1/2 years (which works out to about $100.00 a month).  Now, since I have used this attorney in the past he is giving me a break during this difficult time for me  and allowing me to set up payments.  Which will be great because I can get this settled and then the remainder of what is due will be taken out of the proceeds of the benefits that Eddie is to receive   A small price to pay to make sure his college and future needs are met (as his father intended). As I just got here to Florida, I haven't begun to start looking for a job.  I feel my son's needs are top priority right now; and because of this there is no money for the retainer because the benefits can not be obtained without the Fiduciary Guardianship (for the Life Insurance).    Though it pains me tremendously,  this must be taken care of  for Eddie's sake so I feel the need to ask for your help.

I am having "Eddie's Sale" for the remainder of November and up until the 15th of December in the store to raise the money.  I am hoping to raise $500 this week.  I am putting the store at 50% off of all the items.  Reward points will be able to be used and earned as well, and you will be able to use one coupon.  I have also added 3  new items.  A donation to Eddie's Fiduciary Guardianship fund.  There are three, from $1 to $3 if you feel it in your heart to help. Here is the link:  Eddie's Guardianship Fund  I would rather you enjoy my products but if you want to, feel free to donate to Eddie.   All of the money raised will go to his guardianship filing. A BIG THANK YOU to Stef for donating all of her sales during this sale to the fund!  I LOVE YOU STEF!   A full accounting will also be posted.  Thank you all for your kind words over the last week!  We really appreciate them and I let Eddie read everything that comes in!  He really appreciates it as well and feels good to know that my customers are more than customers, they are people that care!  So Thank you All!

Stef aka Glitterbabe has some new products as well, that I need to get out to you so here ya go! (Gotta love Stef and her patience with me!)  Here we go!

Well, since Stef is on a Christmas roll, I thought I would jump on the Bandwagon!  Keep going!

On a happier note:

Now on to Manic Monday:

I have had a few moments to get some great digis ready for you!  Without further ado, let's roll them out:

Whew!  Thank goodness for late nights and coffee!  You can find all of the new products under the New Products link on the Left Sidebar at the shop!

And your Manic Monday Freebie is:  Choose your Freebie Week!  Your code is MMEDDIE.  Good for $3.00.

And Since there is a Sale Going on, I will be adding at least 2 new products daily at around 10 am each morning!  Sometimes, if the night holds out, I will be adding more than two, so make sure to check back often and grab the latest, greatest digis for your Christmas Crafts.

Those of you that have reward points (you will see them upon log in) can use those with the sale, and you can use up  to one coupon per purchase!

This sale is for Eddie and I do hope that you will find something that you love!

Well, it is Veterans Day, and Eddie is cooking me a bit of breakfast for his Veteran Mommy this am!  Then I am taking him fishing over at the sea wall for a bit.  He seems the happiest when he is fishing so that is how we are going to spend our day!

We here at Floppy Latte's Digital Designs want to say thank you to each and every one of our customers.  You are so much more than just customers, you are our friends and we love you!

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  1. I continue to keep you and Eddie in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck raising the money you need for legal fees.

    Lisa D.

  2. I am so sorry to hear of the things that you are going through. It is awful sweet of you despite the things that you are experiencing to offer a free. I am going to pass on the freebie because it just doesn't seen right to take something (allbeit free) when you are having such a rough time. You and your son are in my thoughts and I wish you the very best.

  3. I am so sorry to hear all of that. I pray you can sort out everything very soon and also that you can get the money you need. A big hug for you and Eddie :)

  4. I am so sorry to hear of what you are going through. The loss alone is devastating but to have to deal with the red tape too is just terrible! My heart and prayers be with you and your son. I hope this gets over for you soon. Thank you for the freebie and I made sure to order more. I wish I could do more for you both. My love and lots of hugs for you both, Robin

  5. Hey Jessica: Just popping in to say hi and hope your day was a good one! Thinking of you

  6. So sorry to hear all that you've been going through! Hopefully things start to smooth out and slow down for you and your son.

  7. My sympathies to you and Eddie during this difficult time! Saying prayers! Hope the situation with finances improves soon and you both get settled in and things hopefully start going more smoothly!


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