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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Simply Sentiments Thursday! And a few more New Releases!

Happy Thursday Morning Everyone!  It is Simply Sentiments Thursday, along with another dose of New Releases!

But First - an Update!  $175.25 has been raised for the Fiduciary Guardianship filing fee!  I could not be more thankful!  We are getting there!  And I want to say THANK YOU! to everyone who has shopped and donated, just shopped, or just donated!  You all have touched my heart in ways that you can not fathom!  Eddie is so excited about all of this, and he thinks you all are the most wonderful customers in the world!  And so do I!  The appointments for this and that are almost over until the court hearings and what not so a little prayer for a job might be in order as well!  But I do have to say, I do love the quiet time I get to draw, albeit late late in the evening!  It really refreshes my spirit and soul!

Okay, now on to some new releases!  Let me seeeeeee,,,,,,  I think Stef has got a few Sentiments for you! (I wish I could do a sentiment as fast as her but alas, I can't so I have to save a few up for a while to get it all together.)

These are under Simply Sentiments in the left sidebar of the shop, and also you can find them under New Products as well!

Ohhhhhh, I have some goodies too!  Wanna see????  Okay!

Wowza, gotta say the shop is filling up for fall and Christmas!  And with the Sale going on, you really should check back every so often to see what we have come up with next!

I am busy enjoying a quiet cup of coffee, working on a drawing, waiting for Sir Markus to rise up from some much needed rest after being gone for almost 3 weeks, and we have a bit of running to do today!

Remember, the Sale is on until the 15th of December so make sure to check back often for the New offerings!

Ok, off to finish that cup of coffee (I just love my new Keurig that I got for my birthday in July!  Eddie and Mark are the best shoppers in the world!)

Hugs from us all!
Catch you on the flip!

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  1. wow FLOPPY! ur on a roll. these are fabulous! love the papers. and what great customers we have! THANK YOU ALL!

    hugs :)

  2. Glad you are getting the chance for a little quiet time amid the chaos.
    Congrats on the money raised so far this week. Oh and I love the new papers. They look great.



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