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Monday, May 28, 2012

***Manic Monday*** and all that Jazz!

Before I get into my frantic Manic Monday Post, I want to take a  moment to remember the sacrifices of so many men and women that have given it all in defense of our country.  As a veteran, I thank the familes of all of the veterans who are not with us today because they believed in defending our freedoms and lost their lives for that.  They may be gone from us here on earth, but they will live and burn brightly in our hearts forever!
Memorial Day is for them.  I salute you all!

Happy Manic Monday to you all!  This Manic Monday is special because, amid all the hub bub, birthdays, wedding cake to be made (flowers are done, just need to bake now!), and everything else going on, I am officially on VACATION!
We commence to driving to sunny Florida on Wednesday morning at 5 a.m., Snoochie in tow, and picking up Julie in Knoxville, and should be hitting Florida sometime Wednesday evening!  Oh my, I can hardly wait!  Soooooo, because I am going on Vacay, I thought I would give you all another 50% off sale while I am out in the sun, getting my tan on, and simply slowing down for just a spell.  Everything in the shop by me, Floppy, is now 50% off until Sunday at Midnight!  Like a vacay from regular price!

***New Promotion***
I know you all must have tons of Floppy Latte images!  And I happen across them from time to time while I am hopping from blog to blog and I had a thought!  If you use one of my images in a challenge AND you send me a link to that challenge, I will send you a free stamp of your choice!  Yep, you heard me!  Let me know you are using my image and get a free one for your efforts!  Now, it must be a current challenge (no back linking) and you must send me a link to the challenge via email to

Im so excited for this vacation especially!  I get to spend the entire day Thursday, shopping with My mom!  Friday and Saturday, I get to spend all day at St Petersburg Beach!  Plus get to see my little Man Eddie! (I should not call him little, he just turned 15 yesterday!)  I can smell that salt air hitting my face and the sun warming my hair!  I need to recharge and just chill so to speak!

Never fear, I will have internet service!  I just won't be on nearly as much!  I really want to concentrate on recharging the creative batteries and taking a little break, but I will check emails a couple of times a day, so if it takes me longer than 1 hr to respond, Im sittin on the beach!

On to the latest incident!  Last night, as we were having our coffee on the porch, watching the birds, making the rental car reservation, I decided I had to go inside.  Not such a hard thing to do.  I whip out of my chair,  (which is right in front of the LARGE glass sliding doors) and proceed to walk through the vertical blinds.  You see, I had left the door open so that her highness, Snooch could come in and out while we were on the porch.  Now, I have this large knot on my head.  Remember I said that I left the door open?  Well, a little gremlin shut the door on me!  Yep, I did a head first full frontal face slam into the glass!  That little gremlin really got me good!  And he sat there, smoking his wine flavored Black and Mild and did not even attempt to move! (Not that I wanted him to at that point!)  After the intial pain wore off and I quit bawling, I told him he could laugh, because even I know that it HAD to be a funny funny site!  That gremlin checked the bump, sent me to wash my face, and he graciously fixed me another cup of coffee and presented me with not one but two Tylenol, to fend off the headache that was surely on its way!  Gotta love the gremlins!  As for this am, there is a bruise, but nothing my bangs wont cover!  And a really funny picture in my mind of how I looked pulling this accident off!  And to think, Ed and Rena aren't even here yet for the summer and the fun has already started!

Anywho, Marks little surprise party was a hit!  Brent mowed the yard for him, and Netta and I fixed a ton of BBQ and all the sides and a lovely Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing and a large watermelon!  Mark was surprised and very pleased with it all, and he loved his card!  If you didn't get a chance to see it, it is posted in the post previous to this one!  He wanted me to thank you all for the birthday wishes!  They made his day!

Anywho again, I want to show you a card that I got in the mail!

One of my customers, readers, and great crafter, Charlene Mitchell of sent this to me as a thank you for creating a dolphin image!  Yep you guessed it, that is the image!  Needless to say, I was speechless (for a minute) when I got this!  It really made my day to get a card with an image on it that I created!  The card is simply lovely and again, Thank you Charlene!  You made my day!  Please stop over and visit Charlene at her blog and take a look at some of her lovely lovely work!

On now to the Manic Monday Freebie!  Yep, I would not leave that out!
This week it is Dogwood

You can grab this for free until Saturday night at Midnight!  And you can put it in your cart if you are shopping the sale and it will stay free so you don't miss out!

Today, we have a bit of work to finish up on a job we are doing, and of course the laundry, packing, cleaning, advanced bill paying, and what not, and tomorrow, I head out to Harlan for my summer mani and pedi (cause I wanna be pretty for the beach) and hit the road Wednesday morning!  I can't tell you all just how excited I am about this vacay, because there for a while, it looked as if we weren't gonna be able to go!  So you all better be ready when I get back, the creativity will be recharged and Ill be back in mega sketching mode! (and Wedding Cake mode!)

Soooo, on these lovely notes, thank you to all my customers and followers for stopping by!  You all are the reason I do this!

I hope you have a great week!
Catch you on the Flip,

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mark's Birthday Card!

A quick post to show you all the card I made for Mark for his Birthday!  My Girl Netta had a hand in this as well helping me out!  And today, I need all the help I can get!  Hope you Likes!

Catch you all on the Flip!
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Wedding Cake Flower Progress!

Hi Everyone!  Yes, Im posting on a Saturday lol!  Just wanted to let you all see the progress on the wedding cake flowers!  But First, Tomorrow is Sir Markus's Birthday, and we are having a little party on the patio tonite, just a group of 4 of us!  Menu:  BBQ chicken legs (my secret recipe sauce, Mark loves) Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Corn on the Cob, Adult Beverages, laughs, and a little Music Playing!)  So if any of you want to say Happy Birthday to the MAN, leave me a comment and I will print them out and put them together in a card for him tomorrow!

Now on to the flower show!
Here are a few pics!  We have 200 drying, and 498 more to go!  I think we will git'er done!

A semi finished flower!  Just waiting to dry a bit for the centers to be put in!  Diggin that purple tint on the edges!

All ready for their happy yellow dot centers!

The beginning petals of the flower.  I have to turn the flower nail the opposite way that I spin the bag, all at the same time....Hence Floppy Latte...It fits me well!  That dark stripe in the piping bag is purple icing that just barely tints the outer edge of the flower!

Making one of the flowers!  Powdered sugar got everywhere with Brent Sifting!  NEVER give a man a manual sifter! (I now have to buy a new one! LOL!)

Round Loops for the ribbon bows that will surround the bottom of the cake!  I did 3 square feet of these yesterday as well!  Today is assembly and dry day for these beauties!  Stay tuned for pics!

This is a 10'ft long board!  And I filled it up yesterday!  Today, these will get boxed up and I will fill it up twice more to finish!  These are so pretty with their happy yellow dotted centers and light purple tint on the edge!

Today is more flower making, and Piping the Topper!  A royal icing version of the Initials that were on the invites I posted earlier!  Trying to find the wire to bend so I have a template!  Woot!  Gotta love that sugar!

Ok, time to shake and bake, so to speak!
Catch you on the flip with more pics!
Hugs to all!
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Monday, May 21, 2012


Happy Monday Everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend!  I was busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger with a bad itch!  I created over 100 wedding invites, designed a wedding cake (which I will be making) and made Cacie's 21st Birthday Card to give to her on my trip to Sunny FL in two weeks!  Suffice it to say, Im still working hard at it this am!

So let me show you a little bit of what I have been working on!
First up, Cacie's 21st Birthday Card!
Wine textured cardstock - Bazzill
Black Card stock - generic in my stash
Pink Mottled Card Stock - gift from my lovely daughter for Christmas year before last.
EK success - pearls and ribbon flowers.
Die cuts - Yours Truly on my cutter!
Now I still have to figure out how to take better pics so if any of you have any tips, please please pass them on!  I need all the help I can get!  This pic does not do this card justice!

Donetta and Brent's Invite:
Brush print - Vector Lady
DB cutout - Yours truly
Purple Ribbon - Wal Mart Ribbon on the Roll
Text - Wedding invites examples on the internet.

Stef aka Glitterbabe will have new products in the store sometime today!  I have yet to load and activate them all.  It has been on my to do list for a few days  now, but every free second I have had, something has snatched it away from me!  So during the day today I WILL be uploading them!

Another spot of news!  I have been commissioned to create 12 handmade cards for a Family reunion!  Oh I am soooo excited about this!  Will give you a preview as I get the proof ready!

Ok, since I have had such a wild week, I thought this week would be a great week to PICK YOUR FREEBIE for Manic here is your code:  MM0521 (that is a zero, not an O).  So browse through the shop and grab your freebie up until Saturday Night at Midnight!

What else is going on?  Well, we just picked up another remodel job....quite a large one, so we feel relieved that we will have work while our regular jobs have slowed!  Good thing my shoulder is healed up!

Over the next three weeks I will be getting ready to make this huge wedding cake!  4 feet tall!  And Im gonna let you all see me do it through photo documentation, from making all 689 apple blossoms to the final product!  I thought it would be nice to give you all a glimpse of what I do when I am not drawing!  The flowers will be royal icing so I get to start working on them this week, in between everything else!  Can I get a few volunteers to travel to Kentucky for our lovely mountains, great air, and a little help??? LOL!

Ok, my cutter has stopped, so now I have the joyous task of peeling off 24 cursive DB letters to finish out the invites!  What fun!  Thank goodness for picks and craft knives!  And lots of bandaids!

Have fun picking your freebie and I will catch you all on the Flip!

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Monday, May 14, 2012

A Gift for Stephanie!

***for the MANIC MONDAY POST  please scroll down to the next post below!***

Howdy again!  Starting to feel a bit better so I popped out this digi gift for Stephanie aka Stef aka Glitterbabe:

I do hope she likes it!

For those of you that aren't familiar with Kanji, it is Japanese symbols that were derived from the Chinese language.  Japanese children are taught Kanji beginning in elementary school, and it is a beautiful form of calligraphy, allowing one to express their emotions, feelings and sentiments in a very flowing, calming way!

Well, off to the Dollar store, Mark is home early and we have to get some oil dryer upper stuff aka cat litter for his little mishaps in the garage aka poutin' house (where he is at the moment munching on some Swiss Cheese and having a beer!)

Sooo, catch you on the Flip,

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MANIC MONDAY, Multi Category Sales, and New Products!

Happy MANIC MONDAY to everybody!  I hope all the Moms out there had a great Mother's Day!  I sure did, even though I have been and still am ill with this cold/flu!  I had a great breakfast prepared by Sir Markus!  Then we visited with Leonard, Sir Markus' dad, Mark and his brother Mike, played lovely guitar music and sang for us for a couple of hours, we took the Scout back to its home, and replaced it in the garage with Sir Markus' open wheel modified race car, that I hope will see new life as a street stock or limited late model in the near future!  Now, as I was sick during all of this moving and shaking, I got to witness a "Red Neck Rollback" car loading adventure, which involved lots of moving around of a trailer, pushing the race car with a 4 wheeler, two brawny men bouncing up and down on a trailer trying to get the wheels of the loaded car lined up, lots of joking around and 4 very tired arms from using a come along to winch that car on the trailer about an inch at a time!  I'm glad I was sitting down for all of this, cause just watching it made me soooooo tired!  It was a good time though as I got in a few good laughs, which did a lot to make me feel better at the time!

Business News:
TELL A FRIEND OPTION:  This option has been disabled in the store as it is a perfect avenue for spammers/hackers.  I spent the day Saturday blocking IP's that were simply trying to spam the store and my customers.   If anyone ever receives an email from an unknown address that is claiming to tell  you about a product from my shop, please report it to me so that I can block the IP from the store.  Zen Cart has disabled the TELL A FRIEND OPTION, but the hackers/spammers are smart and they sometimes can get around it very easily so I try to take every precaution, including reporting them and blocking IP ranges as I can find them.  Just another way I keep you all and your information safe!

Other news:  I finally purchased my son's airplane tickets for his summer visit to Kentucky!  This is the 1st time he will be flying all by himself!  He is so excited!  He is basically packed and ready, preserved rattlesnake head key chain (his lucky flying charm,,,,you should see the security ladies faces when this goes through the scanner, they won't even touch it LOL), and all!  He will be here in less than one month and will be adventuring here all summer!  We are going to be giving him his first driving lessons here so I know this summers blog posts will be a hoot, and even contain video!  I have it all planned out!  Ed is turning 15 on the 27th of May (my how time flies) and as a side note, Snooch the DIVA dog will be turning 15 on the same day, as well as Sir Markus (he's not 15 but we will say he is a handsome 29 with just a few year experience!)  Three birthdays all on the same day, not to mention, Cacie (Mark's Daughter) will be 21 on the 25th and My mom's birthday is on the 21st!  Can I get a little help here LOL!

Ok, enough chit chat lol, I could go on all day!  Being sick has given me a great excuse to stay bundled up in my fuzzy bathrobe and slippers, sip tea, and sit in my chair at my desk and draw (in the midst of sneezing, coughing, and all that jazz)  So, I have quite a few new products for you today.

This week, I am having a MULTI Category Sale!  Selected Items in the following Categories will be 25% off for the week!


First off the truck is a set of 12, yes 12 (cause there is 12 LOL) Kanji Symbols for the Zodiac.  And here they are:

Whew, what a list!  I had a request for these quite a while back and well, now they have arrived and are waiting for you on the shop shelves!

Now, for those of you who may be interested, I have joined up with a source that helps me put your name into Kanji, along with the meaning of each of the symbols.  I work with them and can produce a lovely stamp for you if you like.  Each stamp is $4.00 and includes the Kanji symbols, meaning and your name.  You could do so many things with this!  Also, if you have a favorite phrase, word or sentiment that you would like, I can also put that together for you.  Those stamps would also range between $4.00 and $6.00, depending on the complexity of the drawing! I actually draw/paint the Kanji symbols for you! Just a little bit of special service for you all.  If you are interested, please email me at and put Kanji Request in the subject line!  Simply tell me what you are looking to get and I will get back to you right away!  I can have proof artwork ready for you in 24 hours.  Kanji make great wall art as well as vinyl decals (which I can produce as well , in white only at this time, please email for quotes and shipping information.) and cards!

Stef has also added a couple of new products for you, just in time for Graduation cardmaking:

Grad Bear

Graduation Day

Both of these products are listed under Graduation under Categories and under Glitterbabe  under the Artists Link, both in the left sidebar of the shop!
Now, stepping out of the box again, here are a couple more images for you.

Vintage Bicycle II (got a lot of positive comments on the first one so here is the second!)

And this next one I designed with one of my lovely followers in mind, Charlene (crystaldolphin)

Dolphin Jumping

Charlene, I do hope you like, since your blog inspired this one!
And Stef has created a bit of eye candy using this card, as a congrats card for Jade who won a READING Competition!
I know Jade will love love love this card!

Now, on to what you all are waiting for!  Your Manic Monday Freebie!  With all the graduations coming up I thought this would be a great image for those guys on your list who are graduating!
Here is Mr. Wise Owl!

I think  he is quite dashing!  Wise Owl will be free until Saturday the 19th at Midnight EST.
You can find all of these new stamps in the New Products Category at the shop.

Well, busy day here on the blog!   Lots of goodies for you all!  I do hope you all have a great week!  Im gonna sit here, sip my tea, take my cold medicine, and work from home today, as it is raining frogs outside!

Catch you on the Flip
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Manic MONDAY Freebie Released today!

Happy Thursday all you lovelys!  Yes, it has arrived, in vintage style no less!  The long awaited Manic Monday Freebie!  But first, let me say a really BIG THANK YOU to all of you who shopped my Monday Madness 3 day sale!  It was a true success!  Again, Thank you all!

On to the Freebie:
Vintage Bicycle

Love this love this love this.....except for the thought of sitting on that seat! :-)  I have a few more of these, in the primary stages, so if you would like to see more vintage bikes, comment and Ill put them to the front of the list!

Vintage Bicycle will be free for you all until Saturday at Midnight, and then we will resume our regularly scheduled programming Monday Morning!

I still have this stupid head cold, and my to do list don't give a darn!  Got 40 million things to do and my nose wont let up, not to mention the sneezing, coughing, hacking, aching, stuffy head,,,,oh my I sound like a Nyquil commercial!  Shut up! LOL.

Well, if I am to accomplish anything, I better get moving!
Catch you all on the Flip
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Happy Wednesday everyone.  Just a reminder that today is the LAST DAY for the Monday Madness 75% off sale.  It goes of at Midnight EST tonite.  After today, it will NOT be back until October 2012!  Thank you all who have shopped this great sale!
See you tomorrow with the Freebie!
Catch you on the Flip!
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Days left on the Monday Madness 75% off Sale....and now I have a cold!

Hey everyone, Happy Tuesday!  Only 2 days left on the Monday Madness Sale!  Thanks to all of you that have shopped already!  You all humble me with your comments on your invoices!  It makes what I do so worth the time and effort!

And...I have a cold now.  I think it came from cleaning out the vacuum cleaner.  I even took it out side to do it and washed it down with Lysol, and still, something has taken residence up in my head!  Cruddy cruddy congestion and a throbbing headache, and a sore throat!  Oh well, gives me a great reason to stay in and draw and take it easy!

I gotta tell you how sneaky our little doggie (DIVA) Snooch is.  Last night, I take my favorite "getting ready to go to sleep" spot, lying on Marks shoulder.  We always chat a little before calling it a night.  And this little, precious, sweet, innocent 8 lb PeekaPoo sneaks up from HER pillow at the foot of the bed to snuggle down in the middle of MY pillow!  Now the last time she did this, I could not move her off of it for fear of losing a few fingers.  Yes, I scolded her and she gave me that pitiful, oh Im so sorry, big eyed, "gonna guilt you into submission look" and, IT WORKED  like a charm.  I let her back up on my pillow, I rearranged my sleeping arrangement, snatched the corner of Mark's pillow and settled in for a night of no sleep.  NOT 5 minutes later, she went back to her own pillow and fell asleep.  She is devious and crafty, and one cool customer when it comes to punishing me!  Of Course, Mark laughed it off and said it was cute, but she wasn't taking over HIS pillow!  Why me?  I feed her, walk her, play "sock" with her, brush her, give her treats, take her for long slow buggy rides and let her prop up on the steering wheel, and even built her an above ground "playpen" so she can stay in the yard with me when I am gardening, so the bugs wont jump on her.  What did I do to deserve this type of treatment?  Oh yeah, I was laying next to her "Daddy".  I wonder what would happen if I got a 100 lb lab and let him sleep on the bed?  You think Sir Markus would have a pillow issue?

Catch you all on the Flip.
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Manic Monday has turned to Monday Madness this week!

Happy Monday everyone!  This week, Mark has said I have gone off my rocker!  Yes it is true!  I think it is because work picked up for me just a tad and I have been super busy....not that it will last much longer, but while it is there I will certainly take it!  I have had zero time to finish my Manic Monday Freebie, so to make up for it, I decided to have a fantastic 3 Day Sale!  Yes, I know the Flowers/Florals category sale is Great, but for 3 days only, the entire store is set for a whopping 75% off.  Some of my lovely followers want stamps other than Flowers/Florals and they want a good deal, so here it is!  Now I will put up  my freebie, just on Thursday this week.  And the massive 3 Day sale does include all my new products!  Let me roll a few of them out right now!

Mom Key

Stef has created a stunning Card with Mom Key!  I simply love the embossing and the colors here!  Great Job Glitterbabe!  I especially love the Gold on this one!

Mom Key Frame

Stef has created a beautiful sample with this image!  Her coloring and layout of her cards always amazes me!

Moms Roses

And again, Stef comes through on this sample with amazing colors and style!

Now is the perfect time to get your last minute images for those Mother's Day Cards that you don't have to mail, and these images are also great for the Birthday cards for your Mom or another special Mom in your family!

All of the New Stamps can be found under New Products at my shop!

Now I know you all have come to expect a great freebie each and every Monday, and I do my best to try and deliver!  And I will deliver your Freebie this week, by Thursday!

Now, on to a few business matters:

Concerning E Checks through Paypal:  Some of my lovely customers pay with an ECheck through Paypal.  Please be aware that your products will not be available for download right away if you choose this option.  The release action in the store won't go through until the E check clears paypal, which can take up to 5 business days, depending on several factors, including the ACH clearing house that your particular bank uses.  Once the check has cleared your products will be available for immediate download.

Gift Certificates:  If you decide to purchase a gift Certificate, this is a manual release product.  Please email when you have purchased one and I will go in and release it as soon as I get your email.  Please be aware that this make take me up to 24 hours, depending on my workday.

Customer Rewards Program: Quite a few of my lovely customers take advantage of my Customer Rewards program.  First let me say Thank You!  Second, I get a ton of freebie orders during the week and it is very difficult to catch all of the multi stamp orders that come through.  If you feel you have earned a Customer Rewards coupon and I have not sent one to you, please email me and I will research your particular order history and get you the appropriate coupon.  This is not an automatic process in Zen Cart.  I have to do it manually.

Receiving products after ordering:  Once your order has been cleared through Paypal (usually immediately) you will be taken to a download page.  Simply scroll down a tic and you should see download buttons to the right of the listing of stamps you just purchased.  This is for new customers especially.  Unless you have issues with your downloads, this is how you will get your purchases.
This is to address the question of "When do you email me my stamps?"

  I know Zen Cart can be a bit confusing, so if you are having trouble getting your stamps, please don't hesitate to email me and let me know.  It may take me a bit to respond, but I respond to each and every email!  I do my best to provide all of you with great customer service, and if you feel that I am lacking in that area, step up and let me know!  I appreciate and respect and ask for all comments, questions, and suggestions! I value each and every one of my customers and continue to offer my Thanks for your continued patronage!  You all are the best!

Now some of you may be asking why all the business stuff in a normally artsy post.  I have recieved quite a few emals concerning each of these items and wanted to put the clarification out there!  Just so you all can be in the know!

Ok, enough of the business stuff!  Wanna hear something cool?  Mark and I have been asked to play music at not one but 2 different weddings in the month of June and I have been asked to prepare the wedding cake for one of these weddings as well! One wedding is the 9th of June and one is the 30th of June.   We are extremely excited about this as it will be our first public performances as musicians together!  Hmmmm, I know you are all scratching your heads and wondering, is there anything Floppy can't do?  Let me tell you, that Yes there is!  I can't fly without an airplane, I can't pick up a frog, and I can't eat fish!  Well, its a start anyway! LOL!

Anywho, I do hope you all will have patience with me as I get through this week and get your freebie ready. Im shooting for Thursday, but I may catch a break and get one done earlier.  If you all have anything you would like to see for a freebie, now is the time to speak up!  Just comment me here and I will see what I have rolling to get for you!  I do hope the Madness Sale will help make up for some of the disapointment!  (Yes, I would be disapointed too after getting treated each Monday, I feel you all there!)  I just wish I had 9 extra hands!  I love giving you all freebies each week, and reading all the fantastic Thank You's!  It makes what I do, worth it!  And I want you all to know that!

Well, I have to get ready, get the shop work clothes on and head to the dusty, dirty, coal truck shop to sweat away in a long sleeved shirt, while dodging dust, crawly things, Mechanics and a pile of paperwork!  The life of a working woman!  Hmmmmmm, I think I need to send a memo to Sir Markus.....I need him to hire me a secreatary!  It is sometimes said that behind every successful man, there is a woman that actually knows what is going on!  Yeap, that would be true!

I hope you all have a great Monday!  And Remember, the Monday Madness Sale will be on only until Wednesday night at Midnight!  After that, it won't show up again until October! I do hope you all will stop by and grab a few of the stamps you have had your eye on!

Until the Freebie is released,
I will catch you on the Flip,

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