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Monday, January 7, 2013

Manic Monday is Here!

Happy Manic Monday to you all!   Yep, it is a new year, new job, new house, new just about everything!  Speaking of new job, Im almost ready to head out this am, but wanted to get this up so you all know what is available for the next 3 days!   But first, a bit of a funny!   Eating at Beef O Brady's, before Sir Markus left out on his latest job, Eddie has decided to rename him.   Hang on just a sec, Im getting to the new names! LOL.  We are eating and sheesh, I don't recall the exact conversation, but the reply Mark gave to Eddie was pretty obvious, so hence, Sir Markus has become "CAPTAIN OBVIOUS"  

And Eddie has become Sir Oblivious.   Why Sir Oblivious   I'm gonna tell you that too!  For Christmas Mark gave Eddie a nice Peavy Viper30 Amp for the guitar.  Nice Gift there Capt'n!  The kicker was that he hung a big red bow from the Kitchen light, with nothing under it, for the WHOLE DAY.  Well, the girls, Julie, and Cacie, and Cacie's guy, David, Mark, and I all knew that the amp was gonna be put under the bow, but poor Eddie had no idea and that bow hanging down from the light all day really got to him (in a good way). So when it was time for the present fest, we sent Ed to take the trash out, and Julie and David brought down the Amp and set it up.  Ed comes back, sits on the couch, RIGHT in front of the amp, never notices it, Julie rests her feet on it, Mark puts his presents up on it, and still, Ed is oblivious to the fact that the amp is right there.  We are all looking at each other trying not to give it away, Cacie is scolding Ed for dropping a bit of frosting from a cake ball, and hoping he will notice the amp, NOT!  Finally, Julie turns off the TV  and the light bulb goes on!   "When did that get there and is that for me?"  Said the Excited Ed, whilst we are all laughing our butts off....So hence the name Sir Oblivious!  

Ok, enough with the frivolities! (Professor Magonnagal!)  Here is your Manic Monday Freebie!  This pick was generated by Random.Org, as all of the Manic Monday Freebies will be!  All you need to is pop in the shop within the next three days and grab it!  It is located on the Left Sidebar under specials!

Well, I do have new releases,but they will be put out later in the day, or tomorrow, as I have to rush out to work!

I hope you all have a great week!

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  1. Such a funny story!!! Thank you so much for the manic monday. Happy New Year!



  2. Thanks, I needed a chuckle. Too funny. Hope you are settling in with everything that is new on your plate.
    Tnanks for another great freebie.


  3. Thank you for the story - I wish I could have been there. Gave me a chuckle just reading it! Thank you also for the lovely freebie - picked a goodie.


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