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Monday, February 4, 2013

Its Manic Monday time Again!

Happy Manic Monday to you All!  First off, Im Sick.  Yeppers, got the bug somehow and feel like well, you know!  Second, the new job is going lovely, in fact I have an interview this coming week to move up a level, which means more money, (Im already doing the job, now just need to get paid for it!).However, I will miss working in the Lot, because it is an 8 hr workout, pushing those heavy lumber carts and loading all those contractor trucks.  Ive lost quite a bit of weight since I started, and I really like that, but working inside will be a challenge too, especially if I get the Lumber Department....yep, that is an 8 hr workout as well.  Do you know how much a 2 x 12 x 12 weighs?  A lot, my shin can verify that one lol!

Well, I played a little trick on ole Mr and just put in the Valentine Category # span and Woot!  He picked a lovely one!
Country Hearts!

Yeppers!  Country Hearts is FREE for Manic Monday, all the way until Wednesday!  So, just Click on the link right above here or the picture and you will be directed to the page in the shop where you can add it to your basket!  Just don't forget, it is only available until Wednesday night at Midnight!

Rest of the News of the Day:  Ran into a bit of a stump with this Guardianship for Ed.  Apparently my Driver's License, Marriage/Divorce Certificate, Birth Certificate, Ed's Birth Certificate and my Socal Security Card is NOT ENOUGH Identification.  I now have to trudge down to Tampa to have a fingerprint card done.  What are they gonna do when they pull up  my FBI File. (Yep, those special military ppl that work on special projects all have an FBI File) LOL, who is gonna  look silly then.  I know it is to protect Ed, but sheesh!  Really, all they  have to do is look at him, look at me, heck look at his sister, Yep, them there are my youngins!  Anyway, I will take the day tomorrow to go get that done, then it will be on to cleaning.

Sir Markus is STILL gone to KC....Union Problems, Weather, and all that Rot!  Almost a month!  Boy I will be glad when he gets home!

Well,that is all the news that is fit to print!  I do hope you all have a great day, Fabulous February, and eat all the chocolate that you want!

Much Hugs and Love,

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for our Manic Monday freebie. I am so glad to hear that things are going well at work and that you might just get a bump in salary. I'm sure that will help out a bit. Good luck with the interview.

    I can't believe the run around you are getting regarding the guardianship. I hope that sorts itself out soon.

    Feel better soon!



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